Work and study permit in Canada on Student visa

List of Documents to present to request your study and work permit for Canada

” Evidence of Work Requirement in Study ” – Letter from the College confirming that the work is a component of the study program, so your program requires a work permit or ” work permit ”
Family Information Document – Documents with your family data.

Passport and any previous visa you have had for another country.

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Client Information – This is where you can include information and documents that help with your work and study permit application. Motivation letter in which you indicate why you want to do this study and work program, proof of connections with your country of origin, etc.

All these documents that we named above make up your application to the visa/study and work permit for Canada. If you use your MyCIC online account, you will be able to do all of them from home, uploading your documents to the platform. Once you have all your documents, you only have to pay your study permit fees (CAD 150) + Biometrics Fee (CAD 85) and everything would be sent from home.

It is now once everything has been sent, that you will have to move to do your Biometric tests, and if the Government of Canada requires it, a medical exam. In case your country of orogen requires a visa, then you would also have to send your passport so that they can put your corresponding student visa. All the information about these steps below:

Biometric Tests or Biometric Data – Required for EVERYONE.

Biometric Tests or Biometric Data are now mandatory for ALL of us who want to travel to Canada to study and/or work (as of December 31, 2018). If you want to know more about biometric tests, how they are done, where they are done, what they consist of. We have created a super complete blog so that you know what this process consists of for Canada.

To do the biometric tests if you will have to move from home to the Canadian visa management center closest to your location. In this case, there is no difference by nationality, ALL citizens of ALL countries must complete this test. The good thing is that it lasts for 10 years, so since you do it once, you will not have to repeat it.

Medical Exam – An only requirement for certain countries.

In the event that Canada requires you to take a Medical Exam, this would have to be done well in the process of applying for a study and work permit for Canada. In fact, if you are asked for your medical exam in your Canadian student application, it means that your application is on the right track.

How do I know if I need a medical exam to study in Canada?

There are many countries that do not need a medical examination such as Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina … However, other countries that DO need it. You can see it on this official website of the Government of Canada.

If required, you will receive a notification in your MyCIC account with a specific letter requesting it. With that same letter, you will have to go to a medical clinic previously approved by the Government of Canada, that is, it must be a specific clinic, otherwise the medical examination will not be valid.

You can find the medical clinics at this link on the Government of Canada website. ONLY the clinics in this list that appear for your country are the ones you can use. Normally the Government of Canada gives you 30 days from when you request your medical exam to go to take the exam. If you do not take your exam within the 30 days that the Government gives you, your application may be automatically denied.

Send your passport for your visa – Only for countries that require a visa to enter Canada.

In the event that you are from your country that requires a visa to enter Canada, such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, etc … then once the immigration officer makes a decision in your case, you will receive a letter in your MyCIC account with the name ” Passport Request “.

This is already the letter that confirms that the Officer is asking you to deliver your passport to put your visa. This is the main letter that you have been waiting for.

Likewise, the Government of Canada will give you 30 days to present your passport at the visa management center in your country. You can see the visa management centers by country in this link of the Government of Canada.


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