What to think about when planning a wedding in New Zealand?

For the wedding to go perfectly, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. Do you agree? Then get down to business! In the first letter, your wedding coordinator will ask you questions, the answers to which should be thought out in advance:

1. Dates of your stay in New Zealand

2. In which city/place do you want to host the ceremony?

3. Desired date of the ceremony

4. Should it be a formal or symbolic ceremony?

5. Do you speak English or do you need a translator / Russian-speaking celebrity?

6. Will there be guests or just the bride and groom? If there are guests, how many people?

7. Do you need to organize only a ceremony or + a country tour?

8. It is important to understand your wishes for a hairdresser, makeup artist, flowers, wedding arch, car, music, cake, wedding dinner. It is better to choose a photo of the desired hairstyle and colors on the Internet and send it to the coordinator.

9. Do you only need a photographer or a videographer too?

Your answers to these questions, as you understand, will greatly affect the estimate of the project. In this article, we can only provide an approximate cost for the most basic wedding services in Auckland.

If you like to choose from one of the best wedding venues in Auckland or any other part of New Zealand and love nature and panoramic views as well, then visit those venues that have gardens and parts.

Gardens and parks. This option is ideal for lovers of flowers and relative comfort. Without leaving Auckland, where your international flight is likely to land, you can find at least two good options:

1. Albert Park – the oldest park in the city with spreading trees, which seem to have become the prototypes of the Avatar trees, views of the Sky Tower, and the openwork clock tower of the University of Auckland.

2. Botanical gardens filled with flowering plants all year round.

Outside the largest metropolis of the country, you can find a huge number of parks, urban and not only, but I especially want to highlight two of them:

1. Lavender farm in the town of Wanaka, located on the shores of the lake of the same name. Lavender blooms in January and is an absolutely stunning sight. It is a pity that your wedding photos and videos cannot convey the wonderful scent that will envelop your memories.

2. Park Queens (Queens Park) in Invercargill – the southernmost city in New Zealand. The landscape design of the park is amazing: fountains, figuratively trimmed trees, ponds, wooden sculptures, gazebos, and secluded rotundas – everything is beautiful here.

Filming locations for The Lord of the Rings movie saga. New Zealand has become almost the entire set of the famous film, but most of the scenes were filmed in Tongariro National Park (Morder), near Wellington (Rivendel), in the Queenstown area (Gondor) and, of course, in Hobbiton (Shire). If you are a true Lord of the Rings fan, your wedding is a must in Hobbiton! It will be original, bright, unique. You can wear elven ears or hobite paws, and then have a pint of beer at the famous Green Dragon pub.

We hope you’ve already put together your short-list to help you choose the perfect venue for your New Zealand wedding. Now it’s time to move on to bureaucratic issues.

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