Want to complete your degree? Consider these top universities in Canada

To speak of Canadian universities is to mention highly prestigious institutions, ranked among the best in the world. Not surprisingly, Canada is the G8 country that invests the most in education.

Opting for a Canadian university to do a course or the entire degree is to bet on an educational system that trusts its students and knows how to get the most out of them. It is a competitive and global education, which will allow you to talk face-to-face with any other graduate in the world.

Studying in Canada is living an unforgettable experience in one of the most exciting countries on the planet. A multicultural, respectful place, with dream landscapes and incredible cities.

According to different university rankings, these are the best universities in Canada.

The University of Toronto

It is considered the best university in Canada. The University of Toronto is public and also one of the oldest. It was founded in 1827, which gives it an antiquity of 192 years. We are also facing the university with a greater number of students with almost 90,000 students enrolled each year.

With different semi-independent colleges, the structure of the University of Toronto was based on the University of Oxford, although over the years it has built its own and unique operation.

One of the greatest values ​​of this university is that it has very specific and highly specialized study programs. For example, it is one of the few places in the world where you can study 18th century Estonian language, advanced Sanskrit, or even computational genomics.

Interestingly, Journalism is not studied on the main campus of the University of Toronto. The reason is that next to it is Ryerson University, the most prestigious to study this subject. In this sense, it should be noted that in Canadian universities there is quite a difference depending on the degree.

There are universities that, without being as prestigious as Toronto or British Columbia, have high-impact studies at the international level.

In general, all Canadian universities, both public and private, offer an enviable academic level.

The University of British Columbia

Located in Vancouver and the small city of Kelowna, in the interior of the state, it is the best of Canada’s universities for foreign students.

The multicultural environment is such that you can study with other students from 162 countries. In addition, it is considered the second-best Canadian university and one of the 50 best in the world. In all, there are about 60,000 students enrolled at its various campuses, including Kelowna.

Its location in Vancouver, a city that tops the world rankings of cities with the highest quality of life every year, is another of its greatest attractions. The University of British Columbia is an ideal place to study botany, modern languages, anthropology, or the performing arts among others.

Although its natural sciences section is the most prestigious in the university, the entire arts and humanities section is also highly regarded throughout the world.

By being the second-best Canadian university and being in the World Top 20, whatever career we choose, we will have an enviable educational quality. Even so, the results will always depend on you, since “It depends on you” is just the motto in Latin of the UBC.

The McGill University

The McGill University is located in Montreal, in the French influence in the country. Considered the third best, it even beats Toronto in the number of Nobel Prizes it has produced. Nothing more and nothing less than 12.

McGill has generated three Nobel Prizes in Medicine, one in Economics, two in Physics, and three in Chemistry, among others. Therefore, it is one of the favorite universities for students of these sciences.

Despite being in the French zone, it is an English-speaking university and one of the first to be founded in Canada. Having been created in 1821, it is even older than the University of Toronto.

In return, it should be mentioned that an excellent academic record is required to enter this university. Of all Canadian universities, it is the most demanding to take on new students, which is why many foreign students prefer to opt for other options.

Only by having an excellent academic record can we be considered to study at McGill.

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