Top wedding venues in Auckland – Bridgewater Country Estate

While talking about the top wedding venues in Auckland, Bridgewater Country Estate is a name that comes into mind. There are a large number of places where you can host your big day’s function. However, choosing the most suitable one that brings a pleasant memory is something tricky and needs a little research.

The Bridgewater Country Estate is one of the most premier wedding venues in Auckland is located at a beautiful place and has covered 16 acres. This venue is comprised of lush green lawns, landscaped gardens, shade trees, Lilly pond, gorgeous pathways, a tennis court, chalet accommodation, and a dedicated bridal suite.

Justin and Tracey, the owners of the Bridgewater Country Estate, dreamed of hosting functions of weddings and they purchased this amazing venue in 2017. Their main focus is to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for wedding functions.

If you are looking forward to making your big day very special and memorable for all the participants, then Bridgewater Country Estate should be on your priority lists of wedding venues. It will not only bring you comfort but will also make you feel happy for the best day of your life.

The professional management team of the Bridgewater Country Estate is very friendly and expert and they know how to make your function amazingly successful. If you are searching for the best wedding venues in Auckland, then you should visit different places which will help you choose the best one.

However, when you visit Bridgewater Country Estate, we assure you that this place will grab your attention right away. Their friendly staff will guide you about each and everything and they will also share their opinion about how they will make the arrangements and will make your wedding very successful.

At this venue, the presentation of outdoors as well as indoors will be amazing. They have the latest and modern styled cutlery, curtains, lightings, and furniture. The panoramic view of the Bridgewater Country Estate servers as the best background for photography.

If you want to enjoy the best experience of your life on your wedding day, then choose Bridgewater Country Estate and you will never be disappointed as they will make you feel really happy.

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