Top 5 jobs in Canada for international students

Are you planning to study in Canada but are worried about how to pay for your expenses? Worry no more, there are different jobs in Canada for students that will be of great help to cover your living expenses.

Between classes and the summer, students in Canada have free time, so you can take advantage of a job to earn money, experience, interact and meet other people and keep your expenses insured.

We recommend that you take into account the requirements, salaries, and tips for working in Canada while you study.

The part-time jobs have a maximum of 20 hours per week and you can get some money besides benefits like flexible schedules and employee discounts, as well as the opportunity to grow within the company.

So now you know, if you want to work while studying in this destination, here are 5 of the best paying jobs in Canada for students, get to know them!

1. Translator: take advantage of your native language

Taking a job in Canada as a translator and it is a way to take advantage of your native language, it can be for companies, for example. You can also be a freelance translator, and with this have greater time flexibility.

Additionally, being a freelance translator, you can dedicate yourself to translating books or documents, as well as events and talks.

You should bear in mind that you need to be fluent in English and have writing skills. This job has a minimum pay of CAD 14 per hour, about $ 10, and can go up to CAD 55 per hour, which is about $ 40.

2. Waiter: get great tips

This is the job par excellence if you are someone who is sociable and likes to serve customers, you can meet many people as a waiter.

It’s a fun-filled job, where you can improve your English skills a lot by constantly chatting with clients. The hours are very flexible as there are restaurants that only need waiters on weekend nights.

With great attractions, this is one of the most popular student jobs in Canada, as well as the best paying. You can earn about $ 15 CAD per hour, about $ 11, plus tips which can be up to $ 450 in one night, about $ 325 in just one night!

3. Childcare: spend time with the little ones

Are you good and patient with children? If so, taking care of the little ones is your ideal job. Another of the most popular Canadian jobs among students.

In Canada babysitting is one of the best paying jobs, you can earn up to CAD 35 an hour, approximately USD 25, and even more depending on the area where you work.

This can be a much calmer and less physically demanding job than others, allowing you to focus a little more on your studies.

In addition, there is the option of living with the host family and therefore saving you a bit of the rent and utility expenses that you would have living alone.

4. Dog walker: ideal if you love furry ones

This job can be the perfect combination if you love pets, spending time outside, and staying fit and healthy while making money.

A dog walker earns about $ 16 CAD, about $ 12, for a one-hour group walk with 3-5 dogs at a time. Plus, you can earn CAD 20 to CAD 25, which equates to about $ 14 to $ 18, for private half-hour hikes.

The schedules are quite flexible, about 4 days a week, which will allow you to concentrate on your studies even during exam weeks.

Although it’s a pretty fun job, keep in mind that walking people’s best friends is a huge commitment, so take it seriously!

5. Barista: a popular job with students

Working in a coffee shop you can meet many people while making money and having fun. Plus you get some free meals and coffee.

It is perhaps the most traditional part-time job among students in Canada, but not for that a boring or poorly paid job, as the salary ranges between CAD 15 and CAD 30 per hour, which represents approximately USD 11 to USD 25 per hour.

You don’t require a lot of experience to work in a cafeteria, and it has the advantage that many of the cafeterias are located on the same campus as the university.

We also invite you to learn about the different types of employment in Canada according to your level of English.


As you can see, there are a wide variety of jobs in Canada for students. It depends a lot on your tastes and interests, in addition to the flexibility of the schedule that best suits your needs.

On the other hand, over time you will be able to find new opportunities through your contacts in Canada. Thus, you can make your way to jobs in your area of ​​knowledge as a professional.

Aside from earning money, working in Canada will give you fun, meet people, and have so many experiences that it hardly feels like a job. So don’t miss out on the extraordinary experience of studying and working in Canada.

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