Best universities in the United States

Forbes magazine has just released its list of the 25 best institutions of higher education in the North American country. Of these, 23 are private and only two are public. See the full list.

Private, expensive, and located in the northeastern United States. These are the characteristics that broadly define the universities that are included in the latest ranking prepared by Forbes. In fact, you have to go down to 14th place to find the first public institution of the two that it includes.

For nine years the prestigious magazine has presented this list of 25 institutions that, in this issue, is headed by Stanford University, followed by William College and Princeton University. All three are private and their average cost is no less than 60,000 dollars a year (just over 180 million pesos). While the first is located on the west coast, the other two are located in the east of the country. In this region of the map are located 19 of the 25 universities classified as the best in the United States.

In the fourth, fifth, and sixth places are Harvard University, MIT, and Yale University, respectively. (‘ Which universities have graduated the most billionaires in the world?’ )

To prepare the ranking, several factors were taken into accounts, such as student satisfaction, recent graduates’ employment rates, the debt they accumulate to pay for their degree, or their ability to achieve a leadership position in their studies. jobs.

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Here is the complete list of the 25 best universities in the United States with some of the most significant data from their management.

1. Stanford University (California). Private

Number of students: 16. 963.

Average annual cost: $ 64,477.

Curiosity: Stanford has produced 21 Nobel Prizes and 4 Pulitzer Prizes.

2. Williams College (Williamstown, Massachusetts). Private

Number of students: 2,126

Average annual cost : $ 66,240.

Curiosity: the university keeps the first edition of the American Declaration of Independence on its premises.

3. Princeton University (New Jersey). Private

Number of students: 8,088

Average annual cost: $ 61,160.

Curiosity: the collection of books in the university has seven million titles and 6 million documents.

4. Harvard University (Massachusetts). Private

Number of students: 28,791

Average annual cost: $ 64,400.

Fun fact: presidents Barack Obama, Theodore Roosevelt, and John Adams have graduated from Harvard, as well as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and actress Natalie Portman.

5. Massachusets Institute of Technology, MIT (Massachusetts). Private

Number of students: 11,319

Average annual cost: $ 63,250.

Curiosity: 85 Nobel laureates and 58 winners of the National Medal of Science have come out of MIT.

6. Yale University (Connecticut). Private

Number of students: 12,336

Average annual cost: $ 66,445.

Curiosity: 84% of its student population lives in surrounding university residences.

7. Pomona College (California). Private

Number of students: 1,650

Average annual cost: $ 64,870.

Fun fact: Pomona offers programs abroad to 34 different countries.

8. Brown University (Rhode Island). Private

Number of students: 9,181

Average annual cost: $ 65,380.

Curiosity: it was the first university that accepted students regardless of their religion and political affiliation.

9. Wesleyan University (Connecticut). Private

Number of students: 3,224

Average annual cost: $ 65,443.

Curiosity: its offer amounts to 1,000 training courses in different branches of knowledge.

10. Swarthmore College, (Pennsylvania). Private

Number of students: 1,542

Average annual cost: $ 64,363.

Curiosity: Two-thirds of enrolled students participate in independent research or projects throughout the duration of their careers.

11. University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania). Private

Number of students: 24,806

Average annual cost: $ 66,800.

Curiosity: the scientist and humanist Benjamin Franklin founded the institution in 1740.

12. Amherst College (Massachusetts). Private

Number of students: 1. 792

Average annual cost: $ 66,572.

Curiosity: when it was founded in 1821 it only accepted male students. Today women represent 51% of its students.

13. University of Notre Dame (Indiana). Private

Number of students: 12. 179

Average annual cost: $ 64,775.

Fun fact: the university’s football stadium has a capacity for 80,000 people.

14. United States Military Academy (New York). Public.

Number of students: 4. 414

Average annual cost: free.

Curiosity: they only accept students who have a recommendation from a member of the US Congress.

15. Northwestern University (Illinois). Private

Number of students: 21,554

Average annual cost: $ 68,060.

Curiosity: it has 19 professional teams from different sports disciplines.

16. Columbia University (New York). Private

Number of students: 27,589

Average annual cost: $ 69,084.

Curiosity: 80 Nobel laureates were formed in Columbia.

17. Dartmouth College (New Hampshire). Private

Number of students: 6,298

Average annual cost: $ 67,044.

Curiosity: its academic offer amounts to 21,000 courses, the most prestigious ones in the areas of social sciences, engineering, and history.

18. Tufts University (Massachusetts). Private.

Number of students: 110,907

Average annual cost: $ 65,900.

Fun fact: in 1984, the university flag orbited the Earth 127 times in a spacecraft piloted by astronaut and former student Frederick Hauck.

19. Bowdoin College (Maine). Private

Number of students: 1,805

Average annual cost: $ 63,440.

Fun fact: The school year begins with a great meal that always includes baked lobster.

20. University of Chicago (Illinois). Private

Number of students: 15. 097

Average annual cost: $ 70,100.

Curiosity: the university has six Nobel laureates as professors. Another 83 left the university.

21. Georgetown University (Washington). Private

Number of students: 17. 858

Average annual cost: $ 66,971.

Curiosity: the institution employs 410 students to help them pay for their training.

22. Boston College (Massachusetts). Private

Number of students: 14. 317

Average annual cost: $ 65,620.

Curiosity: the university has the largest association of Catholic students in the world, with a total of 175,000 members.

23. Haverford College (Pennsylvania). Private

Number of students: 1. 194

Average annual cost: $ 66,648.

Curiosity: the student-teacher ratio at the university is 9 students for every teacher.

24. United States Naval Academy (Maryland). Public.

Number of students: 4. 511

Average annual cost: free.

Curiosity: a congressman or the US president is the one who recommends students who want to enroll.

25. Davidson College (New York). Private

Number of students: 1,770

Average annual cost: $ 62,894.

Curiosity: 80% of students participate in some programs abroad before graduating.


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