The most alluring wedding venues in Auckland, New Zealand

Wedding venues in Auckland are gaining more and more popularity among the citizens of New Zealand because they offer a real worth for money and make your special day memorable for a lifetime.

Weddings are full of laughs, love, and fun-filled days, and they are the bee’s knees of a couple of life. People around the world are finding the best places to have them.

Auckland is facilitating people with the most beautiful wedding venues. Some people prefer rustic barns or chic urban sites. If you are one of those couples who are looking for an intimate wedding venue in Auckland, please read the information below.

Pullman Auckland

Pullman Auckland is one of the most decorated and preferred wedding venues in Auckland. It is located in the prime area of the city and is worth your money.

The professional staff of this wedding venue makes the events perfect by handling everything in a perfect fashion. If you are looking forward to making your wedding day memorable, then you should give a try to this wedding venue in Auckland.

Tree Church Ohaupo 

The Tree Church is an out of the box wedding venue in Auckland. It is close to nature and can be an excellent choice for nature lovers. Someone has created the church out of the tree so that the couples can tie the knot in a living, breathing tree church.

This church out of trees, and it’s a slice of magic that can be an excellent place to take a vow. This church is located in Ohaupo, and the Tree Church came to life by planting trees across a church-shaped iron frame and leaving Mother Nature to take over.

Kelly Tarltons Auckland  

Kelly Tarlton’s is one of the most stunning wedding venues in Auckland. This can be an excellent choice for those who love the water nearly as much as they love their forever person.

Say ‘I do’ amongst the marine life at Kelly Tarlton’s can be a memorable experience for the guests. Kelly Tarlton’s is super close to the city and can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Auckland Museum Auckland 

The Auckland Museum is one of the country’s most iconic and beautiful buildings and makes a lovely spot for a wedding. It is close to the jaw-dropping views of the city, the marbled grand foyer, a space sure to take everyone’s breath anyway can be excellent.

The couples can have their wedding pics in front of the building and all the pretty corners of the domain. The Auckland Museum is a top choice for those having a big, bold, beautiful wedding as it can fit up to 500 people.

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