The best universities in Canada to complete your degree

Considering the top-quality education, studying in Canada has become a dream for a large number of students from different parts of the world. If you are planning to complete your degree from a University in Canada, then find out the best universities in Canada.

The University of Alberta

Located in Edmonton, the state capital, it is the other great university for foreigners. It is also among the Top 100 international universities and has students from 142 countries. Alberta is one of the most welcoming states in Canada and has an impressive natural environment, with four major National Parks.

The University of Alberta has 35,000 students on its campuses each year. The fourth-best in Canada, it is number 37 in North America and 81 worldwide in research.

Among their different studies, the importance they have given to Inuit studies and those of other Canadian native cultures at the School of Native Studies, as well as their medicine, nanotechnology, and engineering programs, stands out.

This university also stands out for its university library, the second-largest in all of Canada. This university has more than 500-degree programs and 250 specializations, so it will also be very easy to find the studies that best suit you.

The Mcmaster University

The McMaster University was founded in 1887 in Toronto but soon moved to its current location in Hamilton, Ontario. It is the most prestigious school of medicine in the country, so if your dream is to be a doctor you should have it among your possibilities. In addition, its engineering school is also very prestigious.

Hamilton, with just over half a million inhabitants, is a very nice city to live in with the perfect size to have everything and not be overwhelmed. On the shores of Lake Ontario, the city is one of the most important in Canada’s audiovisual and arts industry. With 21,000 students at the university, there are also a good number of foreign students.

Four Nobel laureates have emerged from this university in the fields of Physics, Peace (on behalf of Doctors without Borders), and Economics. As a curiosity, part of Einstein’s brain is also kept in the brain bank of this university.

Finally, it should be noted that it was in this university that the method of Problem-Based Teaching (PBL) was invented, which is now widespread throughout the planet.

The Montreal University

The other university in the city of Montreal has always been in McGill’s shadow, despite being one of the best in the world. Unlike the previous one, the teaching is in French, making it the best French university in Canada. The University of Montreal was founded in 1878, making it also one of the oldest in the country.

With more than 600 different study programs, it is the preferred option for those who want to have higher studies in French in North America.

This also makes access difficult, although there is an increasing number of foreign students, especially from French-speaking countries. Studying in Montreal is a very good idea because English and French coexist there and allows us to improve our level of both languages.

The Calgary University

Also known as the university of inventions, the University of Calgary has to its credit such essential discoveries today as the microchip or the Java programming language.  Located in Calgary, Alberta’s largest city and center of the Canadian oil industry, it is also an ideal place to develop a career in the oil industry or in geology.

The University of Calgary was born as an extension of the University of Alberta, but it eventually became independent and today it is almost as important as its mother center. It has 30,000 students from 152 countries, which makes it another of the preferred centers for international students.

The University of Waterloo

one of the most modern on the list is the University of Waterloo, which is just a few years has become one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Canada. Founded in the 50s in the city of Waterloo (Ontario), a small city of just under 100,000 inhabitants, if it stands out for something it is for its Mathematics center.

The University of Waterloo was the first to create a Faculty of Mathematics as such, also being the largest in the world. Due to their specialization in mathematics and computer science, they have come out of the same computer languages ​​like PHP or XML.

In addition to Mathematics and its derivatives, this university stands out for its programs in Environmental Studies, Art, Optometry, or Nanotechnology and for its Museum, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Ivey Business School

If you want to study business, the best option in Canada is the Ivey Business School. Created in 1922 in London, Ontario, it is the best business school in Canada and one of the best in the world.

This school is associated with CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education along with other prestigious business schools such as the London School of Economics, ESADE, or HEC Paris. Therefore, they offer many international programs in combination with other schools.

If you want to study at one of the best universities in Canada and you want us to help you, contact us. We can help you with the student visa and all the procedures.

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