Studying in Canada: a path to becoming a permanent resident

Languages, secondary, post-secondary, and vacation camps. At International Integral Services we specialize in personalized advice to international students who wish to fulfill their life projects in Canada.

Becoming a permanent resident in Canada by studying

Going to higher education in Canada gives the right to work permits for the student and their partner. Children of international students have access to free public education for primary and secondary.

Learning languages ​​(English and French), pursuing secondary studies or a post-secondary career can be the first steps of a long-term migration project. Canada offers multiple options and with the advice of International Integral Services, everything is much easier.

For many young people from Spanish-speaking countries, learning another language is a priority. English has become a practically indispensable requirement to become more competitive in the labor market and the acquisition of a third language, such as French, can open even more doors.

Canada is an ideal destination for young people

As a country with two official languages ​​(English and French) and high-level educational institutions, Canada is an ideal destination for young people who have the acquisition of these languages ​​among their objectives. Students are welcome in different types of programs, including temporary courses, camps, and intensive courses, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, among others.

Canada also offers additional advantages, such as its world-renowned openness to other cultures, its tradition of receiving immigrants from different parts of the world, the attractions of its natural landscapes, and its metropolises (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa) and the excellent cost-effectiveness. -benefit of your educational options.

Consulting firm International Integral Services (ISERVICESINT) formally represents leading language schools, post-secondary colleges, and winter or summer vacation camps throughout Canada and offers comprehensive and personalized assistance to make this experience expeditious and easy.

Building bridges from own experience

Created under the foundations of personal experience, since its founders were also international students at the time, ISERVICESINT prides itself on providing realistic and up-to-date advice.

The company covers all aspects of educational consulting, including partnerships with immigration consultants and certified translators. They also offer medical insurance and lodging search for students and their families. They can even provide reception at the airport and accompaniment during the first days to facilitate integration.

“We cover the totality of the needs of any person so that their study experience in Canada is satisfactory from beginning to end,” says Yoli Da Silva, director of International Integral Services, who recounts her personal experience in this exclusive testimonial.

Language Vacation Camps

Another of the specialized services offered by International Integral Services is the link with camps in English or French, which are very popular among adolescents, “as they give them the opportunity to create interpersonal links in an environment of diversity and multiculturalism, to learn discipline and to develop independence, responsibility, and autonomy.

In addition, they are the best alternative for language immersion ”, according to the director of ISERVICESINT, Yoli Da Silva. There are winter and summer camps, full stay (overnight), and daily regime. Most include sports and fun recreational activities, on and off-campus.

A new language, a gateway

Acquiring a new language can be much more beneficial than all of the above. To pursue any post-secondary or university degree, it is necessary to have high-level skills in the official languages.

ISERVICESINT counseling also prepares students to complete international language certifications such as IELTS, TOEFL, TEFAQ, TCFQ, and DELF; indispensable requirement in most study houses in Canada and the rest of the planet.

In addition, the language schools represented by ISERVICESINT offer the “Pathway” program, the most direct transfer to the most important educational institutions in Canada and the United States. When the student completes this program, he automatically meets the language proficiency requirement (and does not require an internal admission test or international language test). Students with passports from the European Community, Mexico, or Chile do not need a tourist visa and can study in Canada for up to six months.

Permanent residence upon completion of studies

Completing certain post-secondary studies in Canada entitles the student to a part-time work permit. Upon graduation, he is entitled to a post-diploma work permit. If the student is accompanied by a partner, they are also entitled to a full-time open work permit and their children have access to free public education for primary and secondary school.

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