Study in London and enjoy huge benefits

Studying in London is the dream of a countless number of students because it has some of the best educational institutions in the world. Besides that, London has a vibrant community, and students from more than 150 countries consider it their home during their study here.

There are 17 universities in London that are in the world ranking of top universities in the world and two universities come among the top ten universities in world university rankings.

If you’re planning to study here in London, among the city’s iconic landmarks, world-famous and mouth-watering attractions, and enticing art and cultural scenes, here’s what you can enjoy when living in London.

Amazing professional opportunities

A world-leading center of finance and commerce, London is an excellent place to secure an internship or work experience opportunity that will help to set you apart from your fellow students when it’s time to apply for jobs.

Internships and part-time roles that are often only available in the capital can lead to further opportunities and offer a launchpad for your career.

Top-class universities

London is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, with Imperial and UCL currently leading the way, ranking eighth and 10th respectively in the QS World University Rankings 2019.

Whether you’re looking to study medicine, humanities, or specialize in the arts, London has an abundance of world-renowned options for you to choose from.

Expensive accommodation

Unfortunately, all the benefits of living in London do come at a price. Real estate is at a premium in the nation’s capital and this is reflected in hefty rent prices which out-do every other UK city.

While this is, to some extent, unavoidable, it should by no means deter you from studying in London as there are tips and tricks to ensure you bag yourself a bargain apartment.

London’s rental market is very competitive and moves at lightning speed, so signing up to a rental website and keeping up-to-date with new listings is a must. Thanks to the excellent transport links across the city, you don’t have to limit your search to the places nearest university. Look south and east to get the most for your money.

Access to the best resources in the world

As you progress through university, access to resources and research beyond your university library becomes ever more important. When it comes to accessing the best museums, research collection, and libraries the world has to offer, London delivers.

Happily, the majority of them are free to use, so it couldn’t be easier to take full advantage of the incredible resources on your doorstep. Excellent places to start are the British Library and Senate House, as both also provide pretty impressive study spaces.

So, make the most of your time while studying in London and enjoy living in this great city. And also enjoy the advantages of studying in one of the best universities in London.

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