Steps to get a student permit in Canada

The student visa in Canada has many advantages, such as allowing you to work while you study. In this article, we are going to explain to you step by step how to carry out the procedures that will allow you to get it.

Remember that to obtain a student permit in Canada, you must be enrolled in a course at a college or university, so the first step will be to review together with the study options that best suit your profile and your professional goals.

1. Enrollment

The enrollment procedure may vary depending on the institution, the length of stay in the country, or the type of studies in which you are going to enroll. We will send you the registration form for the school, academy, or university you have chosen.

The typical turnaround time for an English course is 1 to 2 days, whereas for a higher education program it is usually 4 to 6 weeks.

We advise you to:

– Start your procedures 6 months in advance, if it is at the College or University

– And 3 months in advance for English courses. In this case, you can also go with a tourist or Work and Holiday visa

2. Confirmation documents (Offer Letter)

When you enroll, you will receive an official document from the school showing the economic conditions and the way in which the course you have chosen for your training is paid for.

Once these conditions are accepted, you will have to make the payment for the study program directly to the school or university. We will give you some good advice so that you can save when making the transfer to the institution.

3.Confirmation document (Proof of acceptance)

This document is issued by the academic institution you have chosen to carry out your studies and certifies that the enrollment has been carried out correctly. It contains an individual reference number and is the most important requirement to start all visa procedures.

4. Visa application

For Spaniards, Canada allows the visa process to be carried out through an online portal. Here you will have to include your data, school data, and justify that you have enough money to cover the costs.

You must justify your financial capacity, that is, demonstrate that you have enough money to cover the price of airline tickets, course, and the cost of living in Canada. You can also submit a financial sponsorship letter written by whoever will be responsible for your expenses (833 CAD per month, approximately 600 EUR / month ).

The visa fee is CAD 150 / € 100.

5. Biometric data

Once you finish paying for the visa, you will receive the instructions to manage the biometric data (85 CAD) and you will receive a letter that you will have to take to the Canadian embassy in Madrid.

For biometric data it is not mandatory to make an appointment at the embassy, ​​but, if you do not live in Madrid, we recommend that you call to request it.

6. Medical examination

They are not mandatory unless there are special circumstances to be determined from the information of each student. So you will only have to do it if they require it.

7. Approval of the visa

The duration of the process usually takes a week. It is important to request it at least 8 weeks in advance of the course start date, starting from the moment they have your biometric data

8. Health insurance

It is necessary that you take out health insurance for students to cover you during the time you are going to stay in the country. You can purchase this insurance through us, but we remind you that it is necessary to have it before applying for the visa.

9. Travel preparation

After receiving the visa, from our LAE Spain office we will offer you all the necessary information to prepare your trip in the best possible way: airport pick-ups, SIM cards, and general information.

In addition, in Canada, we have ambassadors who will help you throughout your experience. So, before leaving, we will put you in touch with them for what you need;)

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