Ranking of 6 best universities in United States

Worldwide, the most prestigious universities with a very complete educational system are mostly located in the United States. These lists are updated annually and at least five of the first ten places are occupied by universities in this country.

Without a doubt, in the United States, there are mythical places from the university point of view. Such is the case of Harvard, a university whose name alone vibrates with a remarkable prestige in every region of the planet.

The educational programs in various areas such as medicine, law, science, education, and engineering are backed by years of academic excellence achieved thanks to the efforts of the professionals who work there.

The facilities of these institutes are equipped with the most modern equipment and in turn, their buildings have existed in some cases for centuries. Thus, the United States combines tradition and diversity of educational options.

In addition, it is a country that has grown thanks to immigration. Creating high-level universities, which also attract high-level people, is an excellent way to ensure that people keep coming to the nation. Many students in that nation have options to stay there.

The United States has a long tradition of founding educational institutions in all the states of the Union that over the years has evolved to continue providing the best service.

Some of its best universities have existed since the seventeenth century and the most outstanding characters have passed through its classrooms who have left their mark on the world history of humanity.

What types of universities are there in the United States?

The United States has the most universities among the top 400 in the world. It has positioned itself as a leading country in higher education compared to other countries.

Its universities exceed the prospects for considering that an educational institution can be considered among the best. They have both quality infrastructure and first-class student services.

Its universities have highly qualified professors who in turn have been trained within the same institutions. During the studies, investigations are developed that have helped in the expiation of areas of knowledge related to sciences such as biology, chemistry, engineering, psychology, medicine, and many others.

Professionals from all over the world have been trained in their institutions and have made important contributions to humanity.

Each of these institutions publishes publications that contain important advances that serve as a reference for other universities in the world. Books and magazines that contain new ideas and discoveries developed by your students. All students are continually encouraged to achieve the highest degree of excellence, which is a huge factor in their favor.

Be it universities or technological institutes, here you can choose from a large list of options that suit the needs of each potential new student. Bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees are awarded at these world-renowned centers.

In general, 13 criteria are taken into account to make these classifications, which include the reputation of the institution, the number of academic publications per year, the number of foreign students, and the type of research.

For these reasons, in order to access this type of education, universities have their own criteria when accepting an application for admission. They are very strict.

The better the academic record, the better your chances of being received. Extracurricular activities, external projects such as practicing a sport, the level of English, and other achievements that are important are also taken into account.

To apply to any of these universities, you must access the central platform where the millions of applications to its more than 700 universities and institutes of higher education are centralized. An academic evaluation test must be passed as appropriate. It must be remembered that in parallel the issuance of other important documents such as passport and visa must be managed.

Private Universities

One of the most surprising and unique aspects of the American educational system is that many of the most recognized universities are private institutions and do not receive funding from their state, admission fees, and donations from individuals.

Admission requirements for American universities vary widely. As a general rule, the conditions are stricter for the best universities with the best reputations. Some specialized schools such as medical or law schools have a private entrance exam.

Scholarships can be paid directly by the university, but also by civic, labor, and administrative organizations. Foreign students can obtain a full or partial scholarship from a private but not public university. Full scholarships that cover all fees are rare, which means the student should consider funding at least 50%.

Public Universities

They operate thanks to public funds. It provides education leading to technical or semi-professional occupations and subjects that prepare students for admission to four-year institutions.

A two-year college degree provides pre-professional training for students heading to advanced vocational schools, such as law or medicine, and offers a liberal education to those not entering a master’s degree or training program. This type of institution allows students to attend engineering or management courses, in parallel with their license.

Best Private Universities in America

Harvard University

Founded in 1636, it was the first institution of higher education in the United States. Its international fame is due to the fact that since its foundation its directors and faculty have been professionals who have helped to keep its educational programs running smoothly. On its website http://www.harvard.edu/, you will find all the necessary requirements to be able to study at this institution.

It has been in constant evolution and expansion to be able to accommodate its more than 22,000 students divided between undergraduate, postgraduate, masters, and doctorates. It has a long history of influence and wealth. Its most outstanding students have been deserving of important prizes such as the Nobel or the Pulitzer Prize.

Yale University

Founded in 1702 and its motto means “Light and truth”. It is an institution that is committed to offering the best quality professional education. It has the second largest library in the country and has one of the largest university campuses in the world which is made up of 12 student houses for an average of 450 students in each one.

It has 125 hectares of land with 440 buildings in total. Its student population is made up of students from all over the world and currently has around 11,000 enrolled in bachelor’s, postgraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Founded in 1861 and is considered the best institution for learning professions related to science. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the vicinity of Boston, in the northeastern United States. On its website http://web.mit.edu/, you will find all the necessary requirements to be able to study at this institution.

Its most outstanding students have been deserving of important prizes such as the Nobel, National Medal of Sciences, MacArthur Fellows, and other prizes related to technology and Innovation.

Best Public Universities in the United States

Stanford University

Founded in 1885 by Leland Stanford who was an important railroad business magnate. It is located in the South of San Francisco in the area now known worldwide as Silicon Valley. Its students are important professionals related to the world of technology thanks to the fact that important technological contributions are developed within its facilities.

Although it is a private institution, it is in turn sponsored by important individuals and companies in the sector who seek newly trained professionals among their students. On its website https://www.stanford.edu/, you will find all the necessary requirements to be able to study at this institution.

Princeton University

Founded in 1746 under the direction of the Reverend Jonathan Dickinson. The translation of the university’s motto is “Under the power of God flourish” and for this reason, it is considered to be one of the universities that have evolved the most.

Their courses are not only offered in person but also digitally. Your students can settle in some of its 6 bedrooms renovated since 2007.

His important contributions to the educational and linguistic sectors have generated more than 13 million publications. In addition, its most outstanding students have been deserving of important prizes such as the Nobel. There were writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and Steve Forbes, president and founder of Forbes Inc.


Founded in 1754 its motto is “luminescent lumen Tuo videbimus” which translates as “In your light, we will see the light”.

Throughout its history it has been in constant development, having different places to locate and different directors who have made important contributions to make it one of the best universities.

His students have held important positions within the United States government and have even been responsible for creating the country’s Constitution. Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt stand out.

These are just some examples of the many universities that we can find in this country. All have notable international prestige. In addition, they usually give scholarships to students at an excellent level.

It is striking that Americans have quickly positioned themselves in good international ranks at the higher education level. Quickly, its university centers have won awards and levels similar to those in Europe. It is worth saying that Americans have made a significant investment in the quality of their education.

Another feature for which North American universities have stood out is their level of competitiveness. They are demanding to accept students, they like to seek only excellence.

In addition, they are also demanding when it comes to producing academic work that earns recognition at various levels. On the other hand, having a degree from an American university is a guarantee of having an excellent mark on the curriculum.

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