Payday Loans and Refund – Information You Should Know

Individuals who want to stay away from the long processes and procedures of getting loans, payday loans are an ideal option for them. In an urgent situation when you are running out of time, they are easy funds that do not have any long procedures involved. 

Recently the number of people complaining about payday loans has increased. A number of irregularities have been taking place that has led them to take action and get compensation. 

Here are some ways you could qualify for a complaint and benefit from payday loan refunds:

Unclear Repayment:

While applying for payday loans, you should get a clear understanding of repayment terms as well as the timeframe and fees. Repayment defaulting can have some really serious repercussions as your debt keeps on growing in terms of interest as well as any other charges that come in event of failure to pay.  

You need to know the exact total you need to pay back along with the time frame before taking up payday loans. If the information is kept from you, you could make a complaint about a refund of extra charges or any unreasonable debts taken off your payday loan. 

Fraudulent Loans:

The most common complaint made is due to fraudulent loans. Someone can do fraud and take out loans in your name fraudulently.  The lender has to be careful and verify the identity of the customer before approving the loans. But quite often lenders are not diligent.   

If you are being bothered for a loan you did not take, you could try to settle things with the lender or get help from some financial authority. 

Recurring Payments:

The payday loan lenders collect their payments through bank requests. A lot of them use continuous payment authority and you must know what it is. A good lender has the responsibility of notifying you before he takes money out of your bank. 

There are some lenders who keep on trying to gain access to the funds throughout the day and this could lead bank charges to pile up at the end of the day. You could claim for some of the charges to be balanced by the lender. 

Higher Interest Rates:

The majority of the people in haste to take loans do not pay attention to the interest rates. Sometimes lenders take advantage of your desperate need and charge you with unfairly high-interest rates that make it harder for you to repay the loan. 

Lenders are restricted to a cost cap of about 0.8% of the total amount borrowed. This has to include interest and any other fees applicable to a payday loan. 

Financial Situation:

Now you may need to have funds urgently in the form of loans but it is the lender’s responsibility to see how qualified you are regarding the repayment and that too, on time. 

Employment, income, mental health, age and credit history, and most importantly identity has to be checked by the lender before he approves your payday loans. In case the lender overlooks the details and you are unable to repay then you may qualify for a refund. 

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