Obtain a student visa with study and work permit in Canada

If you are thinking of studying and working in Canada, you will need to start preparing to apply for a study permit for Canada ( study permit ). Also, if your country requires a visa, you will need a student visa to enter Canada.

There are a countless number of students from around the world who can’t manage the huge expenses of studying in Canada. They can’t afford the huge fees and other living expenses. That’s why they always prefer to get a student visa that also allows them to work along with completing the degree.

For example, if you are from Mexico, Spain, or Chile and want to study in Canada, you do not require a Canadian visa. BUT YES you must apply for a study and work permit for Canada.

You won’t be able to go to Canada with just your eTA to study. You will apply for your permits from your country of origin and they will simply send you a letter confirming that your permits were approved.

With that letter (Port of Entry Letter) and approved eTA, one travels to Canada and upon arrival in the country, the officers will give you your study and work permit. This was the case with Monse from Mexico, who came to Canada to do her study and work program in Business, or as it is known in Canada, her Co-Op Diploma.

If you are from any other country in Latin America, the application for your study permit will be made in conjunction with the visa you require to enter Canada. That is, they will request your passport in your country to put on your visa and upon arrival in Canada, they will give you your study and work permit.

The same case of the process that Luisa from Colombia completed to be able to do her study and work program in Hospitality and Tourism, being a graduate in Gastronomy.

Your study permit, as long as you come to Canada for more than 6 months and do a Higher Education program, for example, a College or University Program, you will have the right to work up to 20 hours a week and full time during vacations or breaks.

In our case, all of our College programs require, in addition to a study permit, a work permit. The job itself is part of the study program and is a requirement for graduation. It is known as the ” Co-Op work-permit “.

This work permit will allow you to work full time during the second half of your program ( Co-Op work permit ), with the requirement of completing a few hours of work to graduate in Canada from your educational degree.

Requirements To Get A Study And Work Permit For Canada

  • Be at least 19 years of age
  • Have completed at least a Secondary Education Title ( High School )
  • Have an intermediate level of English – one must pass a prior English test to be accepted by the College (Designated Learning Institution or DLI)
  • Be accepted by a College (DLI) and have a letter of acceptance ( Letter of Acceptor )
  • Have the necessary financial funds to pay for your program and sustain yourself in Canada throughout your stay.
  • Economic Funds Necessary For The Visa / Study And Work Permit For Canada

To have a successful study and work permit application, the Government of Canada requires a specific amount for your support in the country. Although one can work during the entire stay in Canada as a student, the Government requires certain financial funds.

It is not possible to justify that as one goes to work upon arrival in Canada. Although it is true that working on arrival helps, it does not help us to show Canada financial solvency.

The officer reviewing your Canadian visa application wants to make sure that you will not depend on your income in Canada to pay your expenses. Working only 20 hours a week while studying (the first half of the program) one cannot afford to live 100% in cities like Vancouver.

An international student who comes to work in Canada for a 12-month work-study Co-Op program must present financial statements showing the cost of their studies and at least the corresponding one in their currency, CAD 10,000 approx ($ 833 per month that you are going to be in Canada).

Financial documentation is essential for your Canadian visa/student permit application. Without these documents that support your application financially, it is not worth applying for your study and work permit.

As much as you want to travel quickly to Canada, a denied visa on your records is not helpful at all for any application in Canada or any other country. Remember: a visa application to another country is something important, you should not do it in a hurry, just to try.

During your applications to Canada and other countries, you will always find the question: Have you had a visa denied for Canada or any other country previously? If your answer is yes, the officer will definitely see your application in more detail and will want to know all the details.

This is why do not take the process as a joke, it is something serious and the best thing you can do is get advice from a professional with experience in the study and work permits for Canada.

Viss Application Process – Study And Work Permit For Canada

Once officially accepted by a College in Canada, you can start preparing your MyCIC online account to apply for your study and work permits for Canada.

Normally the vast majority of our participants use the Government of Canada website to apply for their visa (if required) and study and work permits. The Government of Canada makes it very easy.

So that you can do the process yourself, you can apply for your visa with its online platform, with a MyCIC account. This account will allow you to receive all notifications of how your application is doing, it also allows you to upload all the documents to its platform.

Now you have a better idea of what to do and how to apply for a student visa that also allows work permits along with studying in Canada.

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