Mesothelioma and Treatment Options to recover from it effectively

The treatments of mesothelioma happen to have a better diagnosis in the early stages and in the mesothelioma treatments it is quite difficult to find a cure.

It is a rare form of cancer that occurs in the protective lining of the body that covers the majority of the organs called mesothelium. It is caused by exposure to asbestos which is an extremely hazardous substance.

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer and the symptoms strike more than 200 people each year in the United States. It may take 30 years for the symptoms of mesothelioma to appear between the asbestos exposure to the beginning of the disease.

More male people are affected by mesothelioma compared to females. The incidence rate also tends to increase by age. Britain, Australia, and Belgium have said to have the highest incidence rate of mesothelioma. 

But still, it is an extremely rare form of cancer. There are three main types of mesothelioma. The highest one happens to be pleural mesothelioma as it affects the lining of the lungs.

75% of the mesothelioma cases happen to be for pleural mesothelioma. The other 20% of the cases are of pericardial and peritoneal.  The pericardial mesothelioma affects the heart and the peritoneal mesothelioma affects the abdomen.

In pleural mesothelioma, the symptoms are related to the respiratory system that includes fever, coughing blood, breathing difficulties, and shortness of breath. 

Those suffering from pleural mesothelioma also suffer from acute chest pain and it is related to the inhalation of asbestos fibers. The fibers of asbestos reach the lungs through the mouth and nose and then begin to build up in the lungs. These fibers then travel through the tissues and as they are invisible and very light, they can be inhaled easily and are airborne easily too.

As the fibers of asbestos begin to build up in the lining of the mesothelium, the cells begin to show abnormal behavior that leads to this deadly cancer. The tumors are formed in the lungs and the mesothelium and could spread to other parts of the body as well.

The pericardial mesothelioma is the rare form of this disease that attacks the linings of the heart. The main symptoms include breathing difficulties, chest pain, tiredness, palpitations, fever, and cough. Like the other types, no cure has been found for this either. All the doctors can do is lessening the pain and uncomfortable symptoms.

A number of treatments and treatment options are available for mesothelioma. These options include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. The treatments for this disease depend on the age, general health, and stage of cancer. A lot of research has been done and is being done so that new treatment methods can be found.

It is an extremely painful disease and is a nightmare for the patient and can be deadly if it is not taken care of as early as possible. Its symptoms may take decades to appear and the number of treatment options is limited that could possibly lessen the patient’s suffering and be able to improve the quality of the years they have left.

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