Markovina Estate – The Best wedding venues in Auckland

While looking around for the best wedding venue in Auckland, the name that comes to mind right away is Markovina Estate which is one of the best and unique places where you would love to host your big day’s reception.

Markovina Estate is a gorgeous family operated and owned wedding venue which is just 30-minute away from the center of Auckland, the most famous city of New Zealand.

Having a history of five decades, it is considered one of the most prestigious and booked wedding venues in Auckland. The Markovina Estate has covered 10 acres that include a pond, gardens, and lawns. There are multiple locations of this venue where you can host your big day’s function.

Many people face difficulties while choosing the best place to host their wedding function because they don’t have prior experience.

They end up choosing the first venue that they visit and the management of that place grabs their attention with their rosy words. But on function day, things proceed in a poor fashion and they become annoyed with their experience.

However, a little research can save you from facing a poor scenario. It will help you in comparing different venues and choosing the best one that offers the best possible services.

Besides that, you can also search for reviews of people on the internet which will help you determine which is the best wedding venue in Auckland where you can host your special day’s function.

The Markovina Estate is known for its superb location, amazing presentation, and superb decoration. They offer a variety of presentations including the stage, cutlery, and furniture. Their cuisine is the best in town as they always take care of different tastes of people. Their meals are really delicious and have a huge variety as well.

Another important feature of the Markovina Estate is that it offers a discount on pricing. You can negotiate the price by visiting their booking office and their professional staff will be more than happy to oblige.

They will assist you from the start till the end and will make sure that your wedding function goes smoothly and you leave the place with a lot of memorable things.

So, now if you are looking for the best wedding venue in Auckland, then hopefully Markovina Estate will be your top choice. It will give you relaxation, comfort, and happiness because of their professional services and unmatched hospitality.

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