Language Courses and Camps in Canada: the best option!

Studying English or French in a country where both languages ​​are official, enjoying institutions recognized for their quality, and with the best prices (in Canadian dollars) on the market make Canada the best option for language studies and camps.

Language courses and camps in Canada

• International Integral Services, as a student agency, is an authorized representative of language schools and camps in Canada and provides comprehensive and personalized advice to international students. Offer additional promotions and discounts to your students.

Canada has become one of the best options to study languages

Its main advantages include the multicultural nature of its society, always open to diversity, and its official bilingualism where French and English coexist as essential languages ​​of its inhabitants. The excellent cost-value relationship of the courses offered in Canada also stands out, making this country’s academic institutions among the most competitive in the market.

Speaking a second or third language opens the doors to the future and places the person in an advantageous position with respect to their peers. Today, having command of the English language has become a determining factor in being hired in relevant positions.

For this reason, annually thousands of international students choose a Canadian city such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, or Vancouver to study languages, taking advantage of the cultural advantages of immersion in the language of their choice.

Learn languages ​​in Canada

In addition, those who aspire to start an emigration process to Canada must achieve a high level of proficiency in one of the two official languages, English or French, or even both. So, studying languages ​​in Canada can be the first step to a successful immigration process.

Those interested in learning English or French and in advanced studies in Canada can count on the comprehensive and personalized advice of International Integral Services (ISERVICESINT), a student agency that represents the main language schools, colleges of higher studies and winter holiday camps and summer in Canada.

International Integral Services encompasses all aspects of educational consulting, including partnerships with immigration consultants and certified translators.

The company offers medical insurance and seeks accommodation for students and their family groups. The service could include the reception at the airport and continues with accompaniment during the first days to facilitate their integration.

“We cover all the needs of anyone so that their study experience in Canada is satisfactory from start to finish,” says Yoli Da Silva, director of International Integral Services.

English and French courses in Canada

International Integral Services offers English and French courses in renowned academic institutions that have a variety of study programs adapted to different levels of students. In all cases, language learning is achieved in the four fundamental competencies: speaking, understanding, writing, and reading. The courses incorporate special classes appropriate to each level in relation to conversation, fluency, phonetics, debates, grammar, business, Canadian culture, among others.

The wide range of programs includes different schedules and types of study groups, highlighting classes for a small number of students. The courses are taught in modern facilities and with the appropriate technology to guarantee a high level of teaching.

International language certifications

It also prepares students to complete international language certifications that pave the way for admission to colleges and universities in Canada and around the world. Such as IELST, TOEFL TEFAQ, TCFQ, DELF.

The language schools represented by ISERVICESINT offer a direct transfer program to the most important houses of advanced studies in Canada and the United States called “Pathway”, where the language school prepares the student to successfully start studies at colleges or universities.

When the student completes the “Pathway”, he automatically fulfills the language requirement, that is, he is exempt from taking the internal admission test and the international language test.

Students with passports from the European Community, Mexico, or Chile do not need a tourist visa and can study in Canada for up to six months.

Language Vacation Camps

Another of the specialized services offered by International Integral Services is aimed at carrying out camps in English or French, which represent an enriching experience for young people who can learn a language while doing recreational and sports activities.

“Language camps are very popular with our clients, as they offer adolescents the opportunity to create interpersonal bonds in an environment of diversity and multiculturalism, to learn discipline and to develop independence, responsibility, and autonomy. In addition, they are the best alternative for language immersion ”, comments ISERVICESINT director, Yoli Da Silva.

There are winter and summer camps, full stay (overnight), and daily regime. Most include sports and fun recreational activities, on and off-campus.

Activities that take place in the camps

The activities carried out in the camps are city walks, excursions, visits to tourist areas, cooking competition, dance, talent show, treasure hunt, educational games, secret friend, games with water balloons, barbecues, among others.

The sports that are practiced are swimming, badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball, squash, athletics, American football, yoga, aerobics, and spinning. The camper has the option of taking sports activities or not.

If groups of five campers or more come, they can bring a chaperone or an adult representative, who only has to pay for the air ticket. This person receives free room and board. Depending on the number of campers, you may also enjoy other benefits, such as language classes, participating in activities, and trips.

All offer high levels of security and have 24-hour supervision. The hiring can be done with everything included except air tickets (language course, food, accommodation, sports, activities, medical insurance, custody letter, transfers, trips, certificates, materials, flannel).

Those who have passports from the European Community, Mexico, and Chile do not need a tourist visa.

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