Jonkers Farm – Best Wedding Venues in Auckland

Jonkers Farm is an amazing place that is also considered one of the best wedding venues in Auckland, New Zealand. This is an isolated paradise comprising of 540 acres of beautiful land. The exact location of this remarkable place is Puketotara.

Jonkers Family have farmed this beautiful land for the last 90 years and it is operated perfectly as a working farm. For being in the territory of Auckland, Jonkers Farm has grabbed the attention of rustic weddings, woodland weddings, corporate functions, events, and also a great destination for film recordings.

In just 30 minutes you can arrive at this place from the center of Auckland. The views of Jonkers Farm is fascinating because it is located close to the wild west coast of a beach called Bethells Beach. The other famous names close to this amazing farm are Kaipara harbour, Sky Tower, Auckland City, east coast, and Muriwai.

Jonkers Farm is one of the best wedding venues in Auckland because it serves as an iconic place to experience pleasant memories. It is famous for its beautiful wilderness and people who want to make their wedding function unique always prefer this venue.

The natural waterways, vistas, rolling hills, native bush, vintage farm buildings, and panoramic atmosphere make Jonkers Farm the top choice for those who want their wedding day very special and memorable.

There are many people who get confused while choosing a wedding venue in Auckland because there are a large number of options available. However, not all of these options are good and chances are there that you will end up with a poor experience.

However, if you really want to be happy with an unforgettable experience and want your big day to be remembered as among the best memories of people, then Jonkers Farm should be at the top of your list.

The management of this beautiful place is highly qualified, experienced, and professional. They know how to make your day and are very well aware of the importance of your big day. They have many options available including the decor, food, beverages, events, and much more.

The management of Jonkers Farm also guides you about the various customised offers that you can avail of. However, it depends on the number of guests you want to invite on your wedding day. You can ask them whatever you want at the ceremony place and they will arrange it in the perfect fashion.

The food of this amazing farm is astonishingly delicious and you won’t forget the taste for a long time. The professional and experienced chefs make the food really amazing and they are very well aware of how to satisfy the taste of people in a perfect manner.

You can choose the meals from a number of options and also different types of drinks. Your guests will really enjoy the overall settings of the place along with the delicious food. You will have a variety of menus and it is up to you what you choose.

You should visit this place a few weeks before your wedding day to check the availability of the place on that specific day. Discuss the management everything that you want. The expert staff of Jonkers Farm will do it for you in the most efficient and effective manner and they will leave you to enjoy your big day at this most amazing wedding venue in Auckland.

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