Hosting Your Wedding Ceremony in New Zealand

If you are thinking about organizing your own unforgettable wedding ceremony and are choosing an unusual and vibrant wedding venue in Auckland or at any other destination that offers extensive opportunities for your honeymoon, turn your attention to New Zealand. It guarantees stunning scenery and ease of bureaucracy.

In this article, we will answer the following questions:

  • Why is it worth celebrating your wedding in New Zealand?
  • Which place should you choose?

So let’s start with the first question:

Why is it worth celebrating your wedding in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an exotic country in the South Pacific that surprisingly combines everything that a traveler is looking for in a compact area.

There are gorgeous deserted beaches with white and black sand, lakes of unreal color, mountains with snowy peaks, fabulous forests, picturesque waterfalls, amazing geysers, endless fields planted with vineyards and lavender, flowering meadows, and sultry desert dunes.

And in any of these places in New Zealand, your wedding ceremony can take place. Let’s take a closer look at the options available.

Which place should you choose?

Beach. If you dream of saying a cherished “yes” to your loved one against the backdrop of the ocean, then one of the beaches in the Auckland area, for example, Tawharanui, on Waiheke Island, Coromandel Peninsula, or in the Bay of Islands, such as Rarawa Beach or Uretiti.

In this case, it is better to organize the wedding in the local summer, i.e. from November to March. The air temperature will be around + 25 ° С. The beaches are free, accessible, and uncrowded – the perfect combination for an intimate ceremony on a budget.

The mountains. Fans of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, of course, remember the stunning views of the New Zealand mountains with snow caps against the blue sky. These are the Southern Alps. Their ridge stretches along the entire South Island of New Zealand. The best place to organize a wedding ceremony in the mountains in Queenstown.

It ideally combines all the benefits of civilization and magnificent nature. Plus, Queenstown is the world’s adventure capital and your experience here can be as extreme as you want it to be. For a ceremony in the mountains, you will need a helicopter to reach one of such beautiful places as Coromandel Peak, Remarkables, The Ledge.

Another great mountain destination is the Taranaki region (North Island, near Wellington). Gorgeous photos with the snowy peak of the volcano reflected in the lake are also obtained on the plain (minus the helicopter). Also nearby there is the mysterious Goblin Forest and the picturesque Te Rewa Rewa bridge, which also overlooks the Taranaki volcano.

In general, a beautiful mountain ceremony requires snow, which means it is advisable for you to come to New Zealand from May to September. The temperature in the mountains will be below zero and the bride will definitely need a fur coat. Of course, in summer the mountains and the views from the peaks look amazing, so there is a wide field for maneuver.

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