Ellerslie Event Centre – Best Auckland wedding venues

Located at a place with beautiful surroundings, the Ellerslie Event Centre is undeniably one of the best wedding venues in Auckland. This is among the most preferred place for arranging business meetings, private gatherings, birthday parties, and weddings.

Having a rich history of event hosting for over 80 years, the Ellerslie Event Centre has become the oldest event management place in Auckland. No matter whether you want a small gathering on your big day or want a large-sized presence of guests, this wedding place will meet all of your requirements and expectations in flying colors.

Whether you want an indoor gathering or wish to arrange your function outdoors, the Ellerslie Event Centre covers it all. They are fully aware of the importance of a wedding day and ensure top quality services coupled with perfection and professionalism.

If you’re searching for an Auckland wedding venue with a very prolonged and Irish history, beauty, and passion, this place could be an amazing match for your big day’s function.

Why have your wedding here?

There are many reasons behind choosing this place as a wedding venue in Auckland city. Here are a few of the reasons that compel the customers to book this venue for their function.

  • The mouth-watering, seasonal, and delicious cuisine is prepared by some best and passionate team who put in their expertise to satisfy all tastes of the guests.

  • The panoramic lush green lawns provide a perfect background for photography. The wedding couple along with the guests can enjoy and capture the precious moments of their big days at this place.

  • The experienced account managers deliver what they promise to the clients. They help ensure the clients get the exact services they have been told at the time of booking.

  • This place also has a beautiful 247-room hotel that has a 4.5-star rating. Guests can also reserve the rooms if they want to stay for a few days. The building of the hotel is adjacent to the Ellerslie Event Centre and fully serves the purpose of the guests.

  • They offer many wedding packages with different price tags. You have a considerable number of options regarding the arrangements and price. You can choose from these packages and they will ensure to deliver the services included in that package in the best possible manner.

A beautiful blend of history and modernism, the Ellerslie Event Centre speaks for itself when it comes to choosing from the best wedding venues in Auckland.

Surely they know what it takes to become the number one choice by the clients and they deliver what they promise. Choose this place for your big day and enjoy beautiful memories for many years to come.

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