Effectively Shaping Healthcare with Technology

No matter where you look or go, technology is everywhere and is transforming every aspect of our life in an amazing manner.

Huge technological changes in medicine and healthcare are about to be seen and no area is as essential as or more reflective than the innovations that are being witnessed in healthcare.

The reason these changes are important because of the amazing impact they are likely to have on us at one time or another.


A cost-effective method for connecting patients the doctors by using mobile devices and video chat is gaining popularity called Telehealth. This medium allows the patients to receive care and changes the overall concept of the doctor’s visit.

The more Telehealth spreads, the doctor-patient interactions will increase considerably expanding not only in our homes but to remote areas of the world.

Empowerment with smartphones and Wearables:

It is difficult to ignore the permeating Fitbit in the health-conscious world of today. Other personal monitoring tools like this help people tracking their fitness activities, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and caloric intake. But this is just a start towards an amazing future.

With the growing number of sophisticated apps and nanotechnology, people will be empowered to track their own health and deliver tons of actionable data to the medical world.

Improvement in Global Health:

The emerging technologies are more of value in developing countries where medical attention is frequently delivered by volunteers having limited training or experience.

In rural areas of India, HP is helping in delivering greatly improved healthcare by changing the shipping containers into mobile eHealth Centres which are cloud-enabled. The goal is to use the developments in technology to offer care and medical attention to everyone no matter where they reside.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud technology will ease things for researchers by making it feasible to access and analyse massive amounts of healthcare data, facilitating creativity, and quick response to warning signals.

Understanding Brain:

Previously unimaginable, technology has helped in opening new frontiers apart from saving lives. A way to implant memories into the brain was found by MIT researchers in 2012 which has massive consequences for mental health.

Another company called Emotiy has found a method to translate thoughts into action via neuro headsets. These cutting-edge tools and amazing discoveries will enable to access information from the brain in ways that would open new horizons of human understanding and science.

3D Printing for Medical Devices and Prosthetics:

With the advancement in 3D printing technology, its medical benefits are becoming exceedingly clear. It would revolutionise the manufacturing of surgical tools and medical devices, customised prosthetics limbs and arms, precision drug dispensing so on and so forth.

The possibilities are endless. And the entrance of HP in 3D printing will definitely add new ideas of innovation in healthcare and other industries.

With the speed technology is advancing, the future is going to be filled with the unthinkable. Developments are picking up the pace and the technology is creating innovative ways to deal with complex problems in a much more efficient and effective manner.

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