Documents required to officially register a marriage in New Zealand

Just like all other countries in the world, there are some requirements to register a marriage in New Zealand. Here is. a small list of those requirements that you have to fulfill for registration of a marriage in New Zealand.

Fortunately, this list is very small:

1. Passports of the bride and groom

2. Birth certificates with translation into English

3. Certificates of previous marriages and divorces, if any, with translation into English

Based on these documents, you must fill out the Notice of intended marriage where both parties ordinarily resident outside New Zealand (BDM58) form, which, while without signatures, must be sent by e-mail with a copy of the above documents to your celebrity – the official state representative who will register your marriage.

The procedure for preparing an official wedding ceremony.

First of all, we recommend that you find a wedding coordinator who will help you with all issues, from choosing a venue for a ceremony to a wedding cake. And here we have good news: you’ve already found it! The JustGoThere agency, represented by its manager Valeria Kuznetsova, is happy to organize a wedding for you at the end of the world, which you have always dreamed of.

After choosing the venue for the ceremony, we will find you a worthy celebrity. This can be either an English-speaking or a Russian-speaking specialist, depending on your preferences.

He will send copies of your documents to the New Zealand Ministry of the Interior, whose office you will need to visit in person with the originals of the above documents at least three days before the wedding date in order to sign the documents and obtain a Marriage Permit.

A photo of this permission will have to be sent by e-mail to the celebrity on the same day, and the original will be sent to him on the day of the wedding.

After the official ceremony, which will take 15-20 minutes, the celebrity will send the documents about the wedding to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will issue a marriage registration certificate within 3-5 days. In order for the marriage to be recognized on the territory of the Russian Federation, an apostille will be required.

This procedure will take at least a week. If you have already left New Zealand during this time, your wedding coordinator will send the document by courier service to your home address.

In Russia, you will need to translate the received certificate into Russian and certify the translation with the seal of the translation agency. Next, you need to visit the passport office, having in your hands Russian and foreign passports, as well as the original and translation of the Marriage Certificate. The result of this visit will be a marriage stamp in your Russian passports.

So, to summarize the procedure:

  • Choosing a wedding coordinator.
  • Choosing a venue for the ceremony.
  • Choosing a celebrity.
  • We fill out the BDM58 form without signing it, and together with copies of the above documents, send it to the wedding coordinator.
  • We arrive in New Zealand at least three days before the scheduled wedding date.
  • We visit the nearest office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, previously agreed with the wedding coordinator. We have with us the originals and translations of the above documents.
  • We receive a marriage license.
  • The photo of the permit is immediately sent to the wedding coordinator, the original is handed over to the celebrity on the wedding day.
  • We conclude a marriage. HOORAY!
  • The coordinator receives the original of your marriage certificate, issues an apostille, and sends this document by courier service to your Russian address. The whole shipment procedure can take up to 1 month.
  • We translate the marriage certificate into Russian and certify the translation with the seal of the translation agency.
  • We visit the passport office and put the marriage stamp on Russian passports.

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