Complete Your Study in Canada and Become A Qualified Professional

Congratulations! You have made one of the most important decisions in your life – to study in Canada and complete your education and become a qualified professional.

Studying in Canada can have a huge positive impact on your life and the lives of your children. The Canadian education system offers a very wide range of study options for international and Canadian students. There are many world-class educational institutions offering a variety of specialties.

Boarding schools

The Canadian education system is one of the best in the world. If you would like your child to attend a boarding school, the possible options are:

* Independent Canadian Boarding Schools (starting at $ 45,000 per year of study; this includes tuition, accommodation, club memberships, and some additional sports and activities);
* Private Canadian Boarding Schools (starting at CAD $ 22,000 per year of study; this includes tuition, accommodation, and some additional sports and activities);
* Canadian public boarding schools for international students (starting at CAD $ 19,000 per year; this includes tuition, accommodation, and some additional sports and activities).

When choosing the right school for your child, you should take into account factors that are important, such as whether the school is prestigious, preparatory, private, public, Catholic, curative, specialty, military, coeducational school, a school for boys, or girls, a school with a sports bias, with in-depth study or a school functioning according to the principle of “International Baccalaureate”, etc.

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities in Canada are a higher education system that can only be entered after graduating from high school and obtaining a high school diploma. You can choose and enroll in the specialty you need at a Canadian college or university in accordance with your interests and goals.

The duration of study at a Canadian university for a bachelor’s degree is usually three to four years. The various college programs range from one to four years. Upon completion, you can receive a certificate or college diploma.

The cost of education depends on the chosen program, as well as on the form of residence (own housing, a hostel on campus with or without meals, living with a family). Prices start at 12,500 Canadian dollars per year of study (2 semesters). Settlement and living costs start at CAD $ 12,000.

Your goal should be selecting the most suitable educational institutions for our clients, where they can receive the optimal and most suitable education, based on previous education, ability, knowledge of the English language, career goals, and life aspirations. Studying in Canada in an accredited study specialty can also help you apply for a work permit after graduation.

Master’s and postgraduate studies

MSc and postgraduate studies are offered at many institutions in Canada. Graduate and postgraduate study programs offer the opportunity to continue education in a specific industry with a bachelor’s degree or a similar degree. Among others, the following programs are available:

* Master’s degree (1-2 years or more);
* Master of Business Administration (from 1 year) – some adult students do not require a bachelor’s degree;
* Ph.D. (from 2 years old) – in the same field in which the applicant has a master’s degree;
* Second higher education (from 1 year).

Applicants who qualify are offered grants and teaching assistant positions to help pay tuition and living costs. Ontario currently has a special program designed to help talented researchers from all over the world continue their studies in their field of interest in a master’s or graduate school.

Studying in Canada in an accredited study specialty that can also help you to apply for a work permit after completing your graduation degree.

Special programs

A medical doctor’s degree usually requires four years of college, three to four years of medical school, and a licensed medical exam. After completing the classroom training, graduates must complete a residency program where they choose their specialization.

In Canada, to study as a doctor or dentist, you first need to complete a bachelor’s degree (at least four years) and enroll in your chosen medical school.

In order to enter law school and get a Juris Doctor degree in Canada, you first need to unlearn three to four years for a bachelor’s degree (in the province of Quebec there may be exceptions).

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