Best wedding venues in Auckland – Villa Maria Estate

Hosting a wedding reception at Villa Maria Estate which is one of the best wedding venues in Auckland is a dream for people living in different parts of New Zealand. Also, there are many foreigners who love to have a destination wedding in Auckland, which is famous for its amazing reception functions.

Villa Maria Estate has won a prestigious position among the reception venues in Auckland city. You don’t need to wander searching for the best place for your wedding if you know what Villa Maria Estate has to offer to its clients.

Located at 118 Montgomerie Road in Auckland, the Villa Maria Estate has earned a prestigious and most preferred place when it comes to booking a wedding venue in Auckland for a successful and memorable event. The un-matched services of this beautiful place ensure a unique and pleasant memory not only for the couple but also for everyone else present at the wedding ceremony.

The panoramic view of the Villa Maria Estate makes it entirely different and alluring when compared to the rest of the wedding venues in Auckland. The willow trees and romantic drapery makes it one of the most beautiful locations in town. The beautiful view makes the perfect background for photo shoots of the married couple and all the guests.

The Villa Maria Estate has a capacity of over 200 seats which makes it a perfect place for a small to a medium-sized wedding venue in Auckland. Furthermore, it has a beautifully constructed ceremony area that makes the wedding day quite perfect. Here you can perform the rituals here that make it quite a unique and pleasant experience.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the guests can also have the option to choose the option of wet weather. You can also hire the services of a DJ or live music during your event. This wedding venue in Auckland also offers quite a large space for parking and it is completely free of cost.

A lot of wedding venues in Auckland don’t offer free parking. But here you and your guests can enjoy this facility without paying even a single penny. Additionally, they have specifically designed parking spots available quite close to the event venue which makes it quite comfortable for the guests.

You can also avail of the on-site catering services from the management of Villa Maria Estate. And there is an amazing service of dedicated event co-ordinator who will help you in getting all the things done in an amazing way. You just need to tell the co-ordinator what you want during your event and he or she will get it done in a flawless manner.

The reviews of a large number of people about Villa Maria Estate makes it a perfect wedding venue in Auckland. All the clients of this beautiful place are quite satisfied and they expressed their opinion and showed their complete satisfaction for the services of Villa Maria Estate which made their big day very special and memorable.

So, if you are looking forward to hosting your special day at one of the best wedding venues in Auckland, then you should visit the Villa Maria Estate. They will assist you in every possible manner and will make your wedding day quite memorable for you and all of your guests.

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