Best Wedding Venues in Auckland – Plum Meadows

Plum Meadows is one of the best wedding venues in Auckland that offers a lot to those who want to make their big day very special and memorable not only for the groom and bride but also for all the guests as well.

It is a unique wedding venue that is close to Hamilton and Auckland. It has grabbed the attention of people because of its professional services and amazing appearance. Besides that, it offers some best cuisine and the professional cooks make it really delicious for all the guests.

This wedding venue is based in North Waikato, Te Kauwhata, and only one hour away from the south of Auckland and 45 minutes away from the north of Hamilton. The Plum Meadows is one of the most popular garden tour destinations in North Waikato. During a peaceful stroll, the guests can enjoy old trees and shrubs, with flower beds and tree-lined walkways, and orchards.

If you are planning your wedding for so long, you should consider Plum Meadows as most people from all around the globe consider this the best wedding venue in Auckland.

In addition to the garden tours, the Plum Meadows are also facilitating the guests with preserving workshops and tastings, remnant tree plantings dating from the early 1900s.

This area consists of 13 hectares of stone fruit orchard — hidden gems such as an 80-year-old crab apple tree and a restored 1880’s barn. There is a homemade, picnic style morning tea and lunch is available for the guest here. This unique wedding venue is known for offering couples choice and flexibility.

They take pride in presenting and sharing their beautiful place with the clients, and everything else is up to the clients who want to make their wedding function pleasant and memorable. The guests can enjoy mouth-watering irresistible food and drinks.

The guests can feel that their wedding is all about them; they can control how the day runs, what it looks like. The best part of this wedding venue in Auckland is that the guests can enjoy home-made food which is highly traditional and irresistible.

The guests should keep their eye out for the hidden gems which include an old crab apple tree. Apart from the wedding, there can be anniversaries to big birthdays, from Christmas functions to private business meetings can be arranged here. It is really hard to find an excellent wedding venue in Auckland which is better than Plum Meadows.

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