Best Wedding Venues in Auckland – Hilton Auckland

Hilton Auckland is widely considered the best wedding venue in Auckland where people from all over the country and abroad love to host their big day’s function. What makes this venue really amazing and tempting is its beautiful location.

The alluring waterfront location grabs the attention of people who have a rich taste when it comes to arranging their wedding function at a place that brings the most pleasant memories for a lifetime. Hilton is an international chain of hotels and they really know how to make their guests completely satisfied with their unmatched service.

Hilton Auckland has a gorgeous view, sleek rooms, and perfect location which makes this one of the top wedding venues in Auckland city. It has waterfront sundecks, and private balconies to enjoy the beautiful surrounding views of the harbor.

This remarkable hotel has 166 suites and designer rooms which are beautifully equipped with elegant equipment. They offer catering for up to 350 guests who can also enjoy their meals in the restaurant overlooking the beautiful view of the water.

If you are inviting your dear ones from a different city or country then you can also avail of accommodation facilities in this beautiful hotel by booking the luxurious rooms or suites for your guests for a few days. In this way, they will be able to enjoy your wedding at this most beautiful wedding venue in Auckland. in the most pleasant manner.

The experienced management of the Hilton Auckland takes care of all the requirements of the clients and they leave no stone unturned to make your wedding function most successful and amazing. They know how to arrange the overall presentation of the venue, stage, cuisine, and seating arrangement.

All you need to do is contact the management, let them know the dates of your big day, and tell them your requirements regarding food, catering, and any other relevant things that you want. They will take care of everything and you can enjoy your big day without facing even tiny trouble.

This beautiful wedding venue in Auckland has a seating capacity of 350 people which is enough for even a large gathering. They have a beautifully designed wedding ceremony area. They also offer the option of wet weather for their clients who want it for their special day.

Furthermore, you can also avail of the facility of on-site catering which is pretty amazing. Not only that, the parking spots of Hilton Auckland are enough to accommodate even large gatherings and you don’t need to be worried about anything regarding the space for parking the vehicles of your guests.

If you are one of those individuals who are planning to tie the knot in the upcoming weeks or in a few months, and you want your big day’s function to be arranged in one of the best wedding venues in Auckland, then you should visit Hilton Auckland and see their packages. With their expertise, they will make your special day really special.

Although it is important to visit them personally, however, if you don’t have enough time and have a busy schedule, then you can also get information from their website here.

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