Best WaterFalls and Lake Wedding Venues in New Zealand

For hosting your big day in New Zealand is something amazing and you will find a variety of top-notch wedding venues in Auckland, and also in other parts of the country. However, if you love to have waterfalls and lakes in the surroundings of your venue, then keep reading this article.

Waterfalls. There are many different waterfalls in New Zealand, but most of them are difficult to access, and the approaches to the most powerful – Hook Falls – are always full of tourists. If you want to have a wedding ceremony in the background of overwhelming water and virgin forest, we recommend you the following directions:

1. 55-meter Bridal Veil Falls. It is located on the North Island, 50 minutes from Hamilton, close to the black sand Raglan beach, which creates additional opportunities for a photoshoot on the ocean. From the car park to the waterfalls, you only have to walk 10 minutes along a gravel path. This track is not very popular, which means there is a high probability that you will not be disturbed by strangers during the ceremony.

2. Owharoa Falls are also located on the North Island, two hours from Auckland in the picturesque Karangahake Gorge. They are easily accessible from the road, and there is a lovely hotel nearby where you can stay for a night or two and host a reception. Your wedding album will be full of beautiful photos of waterfalls, mountains, and the ocean as it is only 20 minutes from Owharoa Falls to Waihi’s white sand beach.

3. A totally chic place filled with a thousand waterfalls is the Milford Sound fiord on the South Island. However, it must be borne in mind that countless streams of water are formed here as a result of heavy rains, which in themselves are undesirable during the wedding ceremony.

But even in sunny weather, Milford is insanely beautiful: mountains, fiord, forest. Here you can organize a magnificent helicopter ceremony or a wedding on a yacht.

Lakes. New Zealand has 3820 lakes and they are all completely different. Today we will tell you about the five most beautiful of them. Each lake on this list can be the perfect location for your wedding ceremony.

1. The color of the water in Lake Pukaki is an amazing combination of all shades of blue – from milky blue to cornflower blue. Much depends on the lighting, but in any case, only the retina is able to capture the entire color gamut. This stunning water reflects the snow cap of New Zealand’s highest peak, Mount Cook, and in summer, pink and blue lupins bloom on the shores of the lake. An incredibly beautiful background for wedding photos!

2. Lake Tekapo (Tekapo) is located an hour’s drive from Lake Pukaki and competes with him in the saturation of the color of the water. On the banks of the Tekapo, there is the Church of the Good Shepherd – an original place for atmospheric wedding photos. In December and January, you can see whole fields of blooming lupins near Tekapo. Just imagine yourself in the foam of pink-blue inflorescences against the backdrop of a turquoise lake!

3. Maori legend says that Lake Wakatipu is a sleeping giant. The water level in the lake changes periodically as if from a heartbeat, and from above the lake resembles a person sleeping on its side in shape. Wakatipu is surrounded by picturesque mountains, and on its banks is the city of Queenstown. It opens up the broadest possibilities for organizing a wedding ceremony for every taste and budget.

4. In the center of the northern island lies Lake Taupo – the largest freshwater storage in all Australasia! Its area is 616 sq. Km. Finding a beautiful secluded spot overlooking the volcanoes of Tongariro National Park is easy. There is also such a romantic place as the Bay of the newlyweds (Honeymoon Bay). You can get here either by yacht or by seaplane.

5.With Lake Rotoruathe beautiful Maori legend about the girl Hinemoa and the boy Tutanekai is connected. They passionately fell in love with each other, but could not be together, because the daughter of the chief Hinemoa was married to the chief of a neighboring tribe.

The Ivy (tribe) Tutanekai lived on the island of Mokoia, which to this day is located in the center of Lake Rotorua. One night, Hinemoa heard the call of Tutanekai’s flute and swam to the island. Loving hearts met, young people got married and gave birth to 14 children.

All Maori living on the shores of Lake Rotorua today consider themselves the descendants of this beautiful couple, about which the most famous love song of the Maori people – Pokarekare ana – is composed. Having played a wedding on the shores of Lake Rotorua, you will be blessed on behalf of Hinemoa and Tutenakai. In addition, there are many vibrant geothermal parks in the Rotorua area,

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