Best schools in Auckland – The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is a world-famous and top university in New Zealand and holds the best ranking in the world from this country. It is also the most comprehensive and largest university that has six main campuses.

The total number of students in this university is 42,000 among which 8,000 students are from 120 different countries.

This huge number of international students reveal the real worth and importance of this university. Such a large number of students have preferred completing their education from the University of Auckland because they know that it will help them get a successful career.

This amazing university in Auckland is also a member of Universities 21 and has an agreement with 265 universities across the world and is also a member of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities and the Worldwide Universities Network as well.

By getting enrolled in this university, you can take your professional career higher and can get success in your professional life that you have always been planning about. Here you will be able to get top-notch research opportunities.

Furthermore, you can also take advantage of the scholarship program at the University of Auckland. You can avail the chance of getting a scholarship of around 22,000 dollars which will help you in getting your degree without putting a burden on your pocket.

The location of this great university is amazing. It is built at the economic hub of Auckland right in the middle of the harbor city of Auckland. You can have an easy access to the rainforests and tempting beaches as well. This city is amazing for living as well. People are very kind and helping and their lifestyle is very simple and impressive.

While living in Auckland, along with completing your degree, you can enjoy a lot of activities including boating, skiing, hiking, tracking, and can participate in different sports activities as well. This is one of the most preferred cities that students love to live in.

Coming back to your academics, the University of Auckland has become of the most prestigious and credible institutes around the globe. Graduates from this university have a higher ratio of getting settles in their respective areas of interest areas and they tend to become successful professionals as well.

The university offers a huge variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses including creative arts and industries, business, law, engineering, science, medical and health sciences, education and social work, and artist.

A large number of areas and courses are offered under these programs that cover different areas of interest of students.

If you are looking forward to completing your degree from the University of Auckland, you can get complete information from their website about the admission criteria and the other relevant details. Get enrolled, and enjoy studying in the best institute in Auckland, New Zealand.

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