Best reasons to study in Toronto

An Ideal City For Students

According to the QS Best Student Cities of best cities to study, Toronto is ranked 11, which is the second-best destination in Canada after Montreal, where many of its universities are in French.

To study completely in English, therefore, Toronto is the best destination to study in Canada. The great diversity of schools, its own multiculturalism full of students from all over the world, as well as its wide cultural life make it ideal to enjoy studying.

Toronto is also a city with a very good public transport system, being able to move around it very easily, going to campus comfortably.

Studying in Toronto is a unique opportunity to get to know Canada and improve your level of English as well. Whether it’s taking a language course, studying at a Canadian university, or taking a vocational training course, Toronto has everything we need for an unforgettable experience.

The largest city in Canada, with a metropolitan area of ​​more than 6 million inhabitants, it is considered one of the most global cities in the world thanks to its influence on the financial and business sectors. Canada is a member of the G7, the 7 most important economies in the world, and Toronto is the economic capital of the country.

An Incredible Quality of Life

If Toronto stands out for something, it is for its high level of habitability and quality of life. According to the Mercer ranking of most livable cities, it is ranked 16th globally, below Vancouver but in second place on the continent.

It is also a much larger and more populated city, in one of the main metropolitan areas in North America. In Toronto, you can live with a high quality of life in a vibrant city, with a lot of work and prestigious study centers. Its great security, the quality of its services, and even its hospitality have made it a city that has been on this list of best cities to live for decades.

Studying in Toronto gives us the opportunity to try it out for ourselves and see if it is really worth it. Even Better Quality of Life: Reasons to Study in Vancouver

Universities of Great International Prestige

The University of Toronto is considered one of the best in the world by the Shanghai ranking and the QS index. It is also the best university in Canada according to these international rankings. In addition, it is also the Canadian university where the most Nobel laureates have studied.

In addition to the University of Toronto, there are other famous universities in the city as the OCAD University, the University of York, the University of Ryerson, the Tyndale University, or the University of Guelph-Humber, among many others.

In short, there are many public and private options of different prices and prestige to study in Toronto and enjoy this experience. Having an educational experience at a Toronto university on the curriculum will help us land a good job in the future.

Especially if we are interested in large multinational companies, study experiences in places like Toronto are in high demand. Having studied at a foreign university allows a greater ability to adapt to other work cultures.

Career Programs In A Dynamic City

If what we want to study is a career program or professional training in Canada, Toronto is also an excellent option. It is the city with the largest number of different professional training programs in the country, so we are sure that we have an option that fully adapts to our tastes.

A career program is a professional training course in a private school that prepares us to fully learn a profession. It is an eminently practical training that is made up of a theoretical part that includes practices in school and a second part in which practices are developed in a company.

In addition, with this training, you can study and work in Canada, since with our student visa we can request a work permit and work part-time while we study the co-op. This formula allows you to earn money to pay for your studies.

Once the course is finished, if it has lasted more than 8 months, we can request a Post Study Work Visa and stay the same time that the course has lasted working on something related to it. In a city with as little unemployment as Toronto, having full employment is a great opportunity to develop professionally.

A Very Safe City

Toronto is next to Calgary and Vancouver one of the safest cities in America. In fact, Toronto is Canada’s # 1 for safety. That is, if you are in Toronto it is very rare that you witness any type of crime. Compared to studying in the nearby United States, where there are shootings and high crime, in Toronto, the situation is the opposite.

There is a large police presence and there are practically no crimes. If possible, as in any big city, that they rob us in large agglomerations, but even so the probabilities of this happening are much lower than in other megacities of its size.

If we are concerned about safety and want to study in a city where nothing happens to go out alone at night, this is your option. Canadians are very welcoming and very proud to have made their country the safest place in America, which is why they take it very seriously to continue to maintain this security for locals and foreigners.

Summer is amazing, Winter is Chilling

If you like extremes, Toronto’s weather is for you. In summer the average maximum temperatures are above 25ºC while winter is quite cold, with average minimum temperatures below zero during the months of December, January, February, and part of March.

The snow will be common during part of the winter, freezing the lake where it is located. Rain is also common, mainly in spring and summer, raining about 10 days per month. Still, Toronto enjoys the outdoors a lot, rain, snow, or cold. Also in the summer, it is full of people enjoying the high temperatures in its parks and gardens.

Exuberant Nature

Toronto is very close to the famous Niagara Falls, which have a part in Canada and another in the United States. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, in its surroundings, there are large forests or areas such as Algonquin Park, ideal for a picnic day.

Near Québec City, we find Montmorency Falls, which are 30 meters higher than Niagara Falls. In Toronto, we can also go to Toronto Island, where there are three very crowded beaches in summer. You go to these islands by ferry and there are no cars, so it is wonderful to walk around. There is everything in Toronto!

Communication With Everyone

Studying in Toronto is having a flight to destinations all over the world. In fact, next to Montreal it is the only place in Canada that can be reached with a direct flight from Spain. Specifically, there is a direct flight to Toronto from Madrid. In addition, Toronto has flights with hundreds of destinations in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa, so if what we want is to travel around the world it is a very good starting point.

Being next to the United States border, it is also a very good place to go to cities like Chicago or Detroit, which are quite close. The cities of the East Coast such as New York, Boston, or Philadelphia are somewhat further away but are also very well connected with very cheap flights that arrive in a few hours.

In short, studying in Toronto is having the opportunity to go to thousands of destinations and learn more about North America.

A Radiant Culture

The culture of Toronto is quite vibrant. You will find concerts by the biggest stars in the world, who always include the city in their North American tours. You can also enjoy indie groups in small bars, very funny comedians, exhibitions, and all kinds of cultural and artistic events.

Sports fan students also have the opportunity to enjoy themselves like a Canadian. If you like basketball, for example, the Toronto Raptors are part of the NBA, being able to watch their games against the famous New York Lakers or the Chicago Bulls, among many others.

In fact, they were the 2019 NBA winners, being the only non-American team to have achieved such a feat. They are also currently the only NBA team that is not based in the United States. Music, art, theater, cinema, sports, etc … Everything goes hand in hand in Toronto making the study experience unforgettable. In addition, there are always many free or outdoor activities for those days when we do not want to spend money.

Perfect English

Studying English in Toronto is a very good idea. The English of this area, halfway between the British and the American, is ideal to be understood in any corner of the world. In addition, the friendly and patient character of Canadians makes them great teachers, who will do their best to help you understand them and learn the language as quickly as possible.

Whether for an English course in Canada or for a university or vocational training course, Toronto is a city that we must consider.

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