Best paid areas in form of salaries in Canada

If you are thinking of emigrating to Canada to work in the North American country for a while, you will surely be interested in knowing which are the best-paid professions in the Canadian labor market.

That is why today we have compiled all the information you need to know about the best salaries in Canada and so you can discover if you have one of those professional profiles that are so well paid.

Here we leave you a table in which you can find what is the average hourly wage that is usually charged according to the sector in which your professional activity is included.

Salaries in Canada by profession


Manufacture                                                                       27.54
farming                                                                                19.82
Fishing, mining and gas extraction                               39.58
Building                                                                              30.43
Fashion wholesale and retail market                            21.37
Transport                                                                            27.10
Finance, rental and insurance                                        32.21
Professionals, science and technical services             35.09
Business and Construction                                             21.54
Educational services                                                        34.28
Health and social services                                              27.91
Information, culture and leisure                                  25.94
Accommodation and hospitality                                  16.54
Public administration                                                     37.58

As you can see in the table above, the scope of the Canadian public administration, fishing, and mining, education, or independent professionals are those with the highest average in terms of salary.

Top-Paying Professions in Canada

It is true that some sectors have a natural predisposition to have higher salaries than others, but the number of digits of your salary will not only depend on the sector in which you work but on the specific position, you occupy in the organization chart of the company.

Therefore, below, we present a selection of the highest paid jobs in Canada :

Financial Director. How well they can pay you will depend on the size of the company, but you can expect a starting salary of around $ 310,000. Wow!

Microbiology doctor. Fighting infections caused by viruses and microbes pays very well in Canada. If this is your profession, you will start charging about $ 300,000 a year.

Executive Director. If you are the CEO of a moderately recognized Canadian company, you can exceed $ 250,000.

Radiologist. As you can see in the first table, the health sector leads the ranking. Many radiologists in Canada typically pocket about $ 360,000 a year, and the most well-known can take home up to $ 500,000.

Ophthalmologist. If we continue to inspect the field of health, we find other specialists who are not short on salaries either. Ophthalmologists can charge about $ 160,000 a year, but if they combine them with a private consultation they can go up to $ 400,000.

Pediatrician. If you like children and medicine, it is likely that you have opted for pediatrics. If you practice this profession in Canada, you won’t be short of money. These specialists earn about $ 465,000 annually quietly.

Gynecologist. The salary for this profession will vary depending on your geographic location and whether you work for a private or public center, but they can amount to $ 450,000 annually.

Oncologist. It is a very demanded profile in Canada and the best ones can charge about $ 450,000.

Professor of Medicine. Teaching others in college how to become doctors pays very well in the North American country. About $ 300,000 a year. Not bad!

Average salaries by the province in Canada

In Canada, as in many countries, salaries differ from province to province. The cost of living in Canada is different by region, as in all countries. In a country, there are always regions that are richer than others or that accumulate more people with a certain type of professional profile.

We are going to do a review by province so that you can see what the average salary is depending on where you go to work.

Alberta is one of the most job-rich (and oil-rich) provinces in Canada. Their median income is $ 70,300, making it the highest in the country.

Ontario. The most populous province in Canada has the second-highest income in Canada. Their median salary is $ 62,700.

British Columbia. In BC, the median salary is $ 62,100. Considering that BC is one of the most expensive provinces to live in, we expected the average to be higher.
Saskatchewan has a median income of $ 61,300, the fourth-highest in Canada.

Manitoba. Manitoba’s median salary comes in at $ 58,900 per year. The inhabitants of this province have the fifth-highest average income in Canada.

Newfoundland and Labrador. Arguably Canada’s friendliest province, Newfoundland and Labrador, has an average salary of $ 54,300 per year.

Prince Edward Island. The province that brought the Anne of Green Gables home to life has one of the highest median salaries of the maritime provinces, at $ 53,400 per year.

New Brunswick. The first coastal province has an average salary of $ 53,000 per year. That’s a lot of lobster!

Quebec. Despite being a very popular province, it has one of the lowest average incomes in the country. This province has an average salary of $ 52,400.

Nova Scotia. Scottish Canadians have the lowest average wages in Canada at $ 50,200 per year.

The professional minimum wage in Canada

As in all Anglo-Saxon countries, in Canada, you will charge by the hour. Legislative powers to establish a professional minimum wage in Canada rests with the provinces. This means that depending on the province in which you work, there will be a minimum wage or another.

In any case, the minimum wage hovers around $ 13 an hour and some of the provinces with the highest minimum wages include Alberta and Ontario.

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