Best English Courses, Programs and Visas for Canada

If you are looking for a course that allows you to work, 3RA Intercambio can also help you with a program in this regard. There are countless options ranging from vocational courses to professional development courses, high school, etc. Therefore, the answer to the previous question is, unfortunately, a resounding NO.

English Courses in Canada: Visas

Now that you have chosen the English course you are going to take, just buy the tickets and pack your bags, right? Error! Now is the time to worry about the visa that will allow your stay in the country to do English courses in Canada. If you are in Mexico and you already have a valid American visa or have had a Canadian visa approved in the last 10 years, the process is much simpler.

You just have to apply for the eTA ( Electronic Travel Authorization or Electronic Travel Authorization in Spanish) online and enter Canada by air, as a tourist. In addition to practical, this process is also more economical because the cost to be paid after filling the form online is so only 7 CAD p ero is important to always consider the validity of their visa and passport to avoid expiring while you are in Canada studying.

On the other hand, if you are in another Latin American country, it is important that you check through the website of the Government of Canada, what type of requirement you need to enter the country (remember that for certain countries it is the eTA, but for others, it follows being the traditional tourist visa, which usually takes a different and more time-consuming process).

To verify what type of document you need depending on your nationality, visit this link. Now, if the duration of your English program is longer than 6 months, it is not possible to use the eTA – which only entitles you to stay in the country for up to six months – or the tourist visa.

It is necessary to apply for a traditional study visa. If you need help, our partner Immi-Canada can help you with this process. Get in touch with them!  We remember that this is only a general informative text about English courses in Canada. For questions about specific visa and immigration cases, we suggest that you contact Immi Canada, a partner company of 3RA.

English courses in Canada: where to study?

Canada is considered one of the best countries in the world to live, precisely because of its quality of life, its multiculturalism, and its incredible landscapes, which make this country one of the main when it comes to student exchanges.

3RA has agreements with English schools in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Victoria, Calgary, and Ottawa. These are very different cities, each with its attractions, climate, and infrastructure, but all with that charm and beauty that only Canada has.

Therefore, when choosing between the many options for English courses in Canada, we recommend that you take into account what type of city you like best. For some people, quieter cities with lush scenery are the best option. Others prefer a busier city, packed with good restaurants and a hot nightlife.

English courses in Canada: where to study?

The amount paid in a General English course can range from $ 800 to $ 1000 Canadian dollars for a period of 4 weeks. C he more week courses the students take, the value per week tends to decrease.

Each school practices a price table and has special promotions on certain dates of the year. The ideal is to consult an exchange agency and make a budget to choose the program that guarantees the best cost-benefit for you.

English courses in Canada: First day of classes

On the first day of class, students take an English test to find out in which class to start their studies. Normally, the online English tests carried out even while in our country of origin by exchange agencies, are only to have an estimate of how long the student will need to take English courses in Canada to reach the advanced level. However, the one who defines what level he really is at is the educational institution itself, already being in Canada.

After this test, the students will gather to take Orientation Day (or orientation day). At this time, everything related to the school, its general rules, clarifications about level change, activities, among other pertinent data about the city, Canadian laws, emergency telephone numbers, etc. will be presented. Classes will start on the second day. From then on, everything will be paper and pen in hand, attentive eyes and ears wide open to fully absorb everything that will be taught throughout the weeks.

Here on the blog a very interesting text with tips to plan your exchange and make it even more profitable. If you are interested in the topic, be sure to read the text in its entirety and take advantage of each tip, we are sure it will be worth it. In short, when it comes to learning or perfecting a new language, the keyword is dedication.

Now that you have all the information you need about English courses in Canada, it is up to you to find your next opportunity to start your trip to Canada.

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