Are you going to study in Canada? Learn about the programs most in demand by employers

Studying in Canada, without a doubt, is one of the most incredible experiences one can have in life. Not only for learning but also for the daily challenge of settling in a new country, where everything is different. Also, there is no better feeling than finishing a course going through all the obstacles and challenges that an international student can have.

And you, do you have the dream of studying in Canada? If your answer is yes, it is time to start planning. One of the first things to consider is whether the area you are thinking of investing in is one of the most in-demand by Canadian employers. This will directly influence the success of your project in Canada.

Study in Canada: Most Popular Study Areas and Programs

As Canada is a country prepared to receive international students, it is normal that it has a series of courses available for this public. According to numbers from 3RA Intercambio, the most popular study programs among international students are in the following areas: Business, Technology, Engineering, Finance, and Marketing.

These fields of study are still remarkable when we talk about the job market, as they encompass a series of activities that are increasingly important for the growth of the local economy.

Work and study in Canada

If you have already done a university course in Mexico or whatever your country of origin, and you want to expand your knowledge in Canada, choosing an area in demand is the first step. Stay well informed, as the country’s economy is growing by leaps and bounds. Just to get an idea, unemployment fell 5.7% in December last year, having the best level in 40 years.

Everything indicates that these numbers will continue to be favorable. According to a recent survey by CIBC World Markets, “Completing post-secondary education remains the best path to quality, well-paying employment in Canada.”

What we perceive is that there is a lot of room to excel in the Canadian job market, so take the opportunity and do a lot of research before closing your study package. To help you, we are going to analyze below each of the areas that we cited at the beginning of this text according to data from the Canadian consultancy RH Randstad, that these areas are among the 15 most in-demand in Canada.

Study in Canada: What will be our chances of business in the market?

According to company data, there are currently 1.8 million people working in the Business area in Canada. According to the latest census, there was an increase of 4,270 new jobs in this sector is 2017, indicating that these professionals are increasingly in demand. However, it is possible to find career opportunities all over Canada.

Business market trends

Professionals who are technologically savvy have a huge advantage over those less familiar with this branch. To get an idea, in 2018, most of the vacancies available for the Business area in Canada demanded knowledge in technology.

Another big trend is the growth in demand in the accounting area. More than half of the skills sought after by employers involve functions such as accounts payable and received, knowledge of accounting, and accounting software.

Therefore, if you are wanting to advance in your professional career, learning some accounting processes is a great step.

Study in Canada: What will be my chances in the technology market? Canada’s technology sector has 488,000 Information Technology professionals. Jobs are varied, from project management to information security.

Last year, the number of jobs in the technology area jumped with 11,500 new positions, becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors in Canada. Almost half of the jobs created were in Toronto (more than 5,000), although Montreal has conquered 2,000 new opportunities.

Technology market trends

Change is one of the most constant characteristics in the world of technology. As has been reported in recent years, innovative new technologies come and go. To have great opportunities in this market, it is necessary to always be updated. That said, Java has been the coding language of choice among major employers.

However, other coding languages, such as Python and Ruby, are becoming increasingly popular. As a whole, developers with knowledge of front-end and back-end coding are intensely in demand.

Study in Canada: What will be my chances in the Engineering market?

As it has been for several years now, Engineering is still a “hot” market in Canada. The number of jobs in this area has been growing – just last year more than 7 thousand new jobs were created. This makes sense, as Canada’s industrial sector rebounded in 2017, after a bad year in 2016, and most interestingly, the future remains just as bright for these professionals. An estimated 20% of engineers are over 55 years old and ready to retire in the next few years. This means that there is a lot of room to grow.

In terms of trends in this branch, technology remains dominant. Number one in relation to the skill sought by employers is knowledge of software called Computer-Aided Design. If you are someone who knows how to use AutoCAD, CATIA, or other industry-standard CAD software, you could also build a very successful career in the field of Engineering.

Study in Canada: What will be my chances in the Finance market?

More than 675,000 finance and accounting professionals work in Canada. Last year, there was an increase of 4,680 new positions in the financial and accounting sector, indicating positive growth. The demand for financial experts is concentrated in Toronto, with more than 65% of new jobs. One of the advantages is that the headquarters of TSX, the largest stock exchange in Canada and also many of the largest banks in Canada, are in that city.

Montreal also had remarkable growth. Although financial growth was considered slow in Canada in recent years due to low-interest rates, there was a significant improvement last year over 2016. As in many sectors, the biggest trend in finance and accounting is the increasing dependence on technology.

Finance market trends

This year, professionals in this area of ​​Finance are being much more demanded in relation to technology. This means that using tools to decipher and analyze data and make financial decisions are big differentials.

As a result, positions such as business analysts and financial analysts are the fastest growing in the sector.

Study in Canada with the goal of migration

Without a doubt, obtaining a diploma in a Canadian institution is one of the entry doors for those who wish to immigrate to Canada. One of the biggest allies in this hour is the programs that entitle the PGWP. The Post-graduation Work Permit is an eight-month to 3-year work visa that the international student can apply for after completing studies in Canada.

Do you know what draws the most attention? Is that the work experience acquired in the period of the PGWP will count points for Canadian immigration processes.

3 things you need to know before studying in Canada

The cost of living in Canada can be high

Cities like Vancouver and Toronto are among the most expensive in the country and are the main destinations when it comes to exchanging to Canada. Therefore, we recommend doing an intensive search as well as financial planning in advance. Knowing how much it costs to live in Canada will help you a lot to start your plan.

Study English and work in Canada: is it possible?

Unfortunately, language students cannot work in Canada. Previously, that possibility did exist. However, since June 2014, the rule says that to get a work permit as a student, you will need to pursue a post-secondary, vocational, or college program. So whoever complies with this law may work up to 20 hours a week. The most interesting thing is that, as the country is used to receiving international students, the employers themselves understand that it is necessary to have greater flexibility when hiring a student.

Vancouver is nice, but it rains a lot!

That’s it! For those who have already spent time in this wonderful city, you know what we are talking about. But do not worry. Vancouver has several covered spots and it is not that rain as we are used to in Mexico.

Many people do not use an umbrella, but only a hood necessary to stay protected. In addition, the city continues to offer many things to do even in the rain.

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