Advantages of having an agency in your study plan in Canada

Coming to Canada to study is the dream of many Latin Americans and we know that this is a great step in anyone’s life because it involves making very careful decisions and, above all, excellent financial planning.

There are many aspects to be considered at this time and it is essential that you be as assertive as possible; For this reason, having a student services agency to guide you through the process is paramount to your success.

We have had cases of people who came to Canada carrying out the process themselves, only to discover that they had paid for a course that would not help at all in their immigration process in the country, which was the main objective of those clients. In this case, the family ends up spending twice as much and nobody wants to go through that, right?

The main advantage of hiring the help of a specialized company is to have the assurance that your plan will be advised by someone who has the experience and understands the matter, avoiding possible errors and waste of money, as in the cases mentioned above.

These professionals are people who live the reality of the country – they know the job market, study options, among other peculiarities that only those who live here and are there on a day-to-day basis, can acquire.

3RA Intercambio, for example, offers clients a personalized consultation, carried out by professionals who have already gone through the entire migration and adaptation process, who have lived in Canada for many years, and who have a deep understanding of the country’s educational system.

In this consultation, your educational and professional profile, your goals, and your lifestyle are analyzed. Here, our team of experts will seek to understand who you are, in order to indicate the study program that best suits your profile and what you are looking for in Canada.

In this way, it is possible to provide students with the best alternative, according to their needs, making this a pleasant, comfortable but above all unforgettable experience. Our goal is to plan your trip to Canada considering the best cost/benefit for you and your family (if applicable), maximizing the chances of being hired in the future, in the country.

We will try to understand what your expectations are. Many times, the client arrives with an idea in mind and by talking with our consultants, they discover new opportunities that are more suitable for them. That is very common, so stay calm, at 3RA Intercambio we are here to help you because we have already gone through that. In this way, you will have greater security when choosing the course in which you want to invest your money as well as in planning your exchange in Canada, as a whole.

In addition, by having the help of an agency, you will avoid some bureaucracies involved in the enrollment processes. The company will take care of all this for you; For example, a university can take months to complete the enrollment process: receipt of documents, payment of registration fees, analysis of documentation, and final response.

Imagine having to do all of that alone?

Do not worry! We will be with you from start to finish in this process. As we discussed earlier, we know that “Project Canada” has a very high investment and that is why this service is so important. Just one wrong step can put all your planning at risk.

Competitive costs

Having the advice of 3RA brings some more benefits! If you are currently in the city of Vancouver, Canada, you can come to our offices and schedule a 100% free consultation. While if you are still in your country of origin, we have very competitive administrative fees in the market.

In addition, you can always ask about our current promotions, which in many cases have made our clients save up to 50% less in the administrative fees of the agency. Get in touch with the agency right now and ask about our current promotions!

Support at Vancouver and Toronto

Another great advantage of hiring the 3RA Exchange is that we have service in Vancouver and Toronto. In other words, we accompany clients when they need it most: when they finally arrive in Canada, giving all the possible support so that they feel safe and calm in this new stage of their life.

Upon arriving in Canada, our clients can come to a welcome meeting, where a consultant from our company will provide them with a lot of useful information, not only about their school and educational program but also with advice about the Canadian city that it will be your new home.

The itinerary involves a very interesting talk about the main questions of newcomers to the country, such as transportation, entertainment, insurance, housing, documents, telephony, exchange rates, among others.

Attention in Spanish

Additionally, we can offer service in your own language within our headquarters located in Vancouver, Canada, which allows us to answer all your questions in a way that is more accessible to you.

Free workshops and seminars

On top of all this, we at the agency are proud to be able to promote and offer monthly workshops and seminars on how to get a job and how to build a successful resume in Canada.

In these courses, in addition to increasing your network of professional contacts, you will be able to exchange ideas with a specialist in the Canadian labor market.

Remember that this is an essential step to be successful in your first job in Canada.

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