Admission to top business schools in England

You can learn the art of management. Learn all about the MBA!

British business schools are considered the best in the world. British Education University Admissions Advice will help you fulfill your dream of studying at top UK business schools. Getting knowledge in such educational institutions is a lucky ticket for those who want to successfully develop their business or build a career at the top of the management of large companies.

The prospective student will learn all the nuances associated with admission to London Business School, Said Business School (University of Oxford), Judge Business School (University of Cambridge), and other prestigious universities in England. But we are ready to reveal some secrets right now!

Many potential students successfully complete the IELTS certificate, pass the GMAT exam with high scores, have important academic achievements, and good work experience. But not everyone succeeds in getting into the alma mater of dreams.

There are many books and articles on the internet on how to apply to a UK university. But it is not a fact that information from them will help to become a student. Why then? But because admissions committees are waiting for new views on the familiar material and the manifestation of the individuality of students. Do not repeat the standard phrases gleaned from the Internet and books. Use only the most current information provided by British Education!

Three interesting facts about MBA:

  1. The business program in England lasts only one year, but in the United States, a similar program is two-year.
  2. Many MBA programs do not have a fixed grading system. The passing grade level in a particular subject is determined based on the overall level of performance in the group.
  3. The deduction is possible! If a student does not strive to fully fulfill the requirements of the program, even the tuition fee paid will not save him from expulsion.

What types of programs are there?

  • Full-time MBA
    This is a full-time study for 1-2 years. This type of program is the most popular: about 80% of students choose Full-time. And not in vain, because when studying under the program, you can take advantage of numerous scholarships and grants, as well as get help in finding a prestigious job.
  • Executive MBA (EMBA)
    Combines an extensive theoretical base and practice, classes provide an opportunity not to quit work while studying. Often held in another city or country. The program is designed for people aged 35-37 years with experience in business, but even they sometimes need help in entering foreign universities and reliable information about the features of this process.
    There is a wide range of Executive MBA courses at Imperial College Business School, London Business School, University of Warwick. Some of the most interesting Executive MBA offers are at the London School of Economics and Political Science. More information here.
  • Part-time MBA
    Studying takes place on weekends and in the evenings. Many students think that it is impossible to get comprehensive knowledge in this format. But in British universities, the workload on Part-time programs is no less intense than that of full-time students.
  • Distance MBA
    Busy people appreciate the opportunity to study online, and many universities in England offer convenient and informative programs of this format. Distance MBA is available at Oxford Brookes University Business School, London School of Business and Finance, and other educational institutions.
  • Executive Education
    An intensive short-term course that helps business people stay on top of the latest industry trends. The program is chosen by business owners, company executives, and top managers.
  • Mini-MBA
    Professional retraining. The course lasts about a year and includes a maximum of practice.

How is admission going?

Be sure to prepare:

  • CV (resume). A clear structure, an accurate description of professional skills and achievements, work experience is important.
  • IELTS certificate.
  • Letter of recommendation (from the management, administration of the university).

Educational institutions also require a letter of motivation from prospective students.

The first step is to write and submit your resume correctly. Next, you need to fill out the form and successfully pass the interview. That’s all. Interesting and effective classes are waiting for you!

What about the price?

The cost of studying for an MBA program depends on the chosen educational institution.

For example, a 12-month course at London Business School costs 67 thousand pounds, and an intensive MBA program in Oxford will cost 47 thousand for 1 year. A year of MBA at Coventry Business School will cost 13 thousand pounds.

These are the minimum and maximum amounts, so it is quite possible to find a program with an average price. Assistance in admission to universities from competent British Education specialists includes advice on the cost of programs.

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