Best advantages to study in Canada with a work permit

Studying in any university in Canada has become a lucrative prospect especially because it also allows you to work along with completing a degree. And if you have a work permit, then it becomes a lot more beneficial to earn a handsome amount of money and also complete your study along the way.

Currently, most international students have the option of working if they are pursuing a higher education program. Here are 5 options to obtain your work permit.

What is the work permit for?

The work permit or work permit is a crucial point in choosing the destination. In Canada, the unemployment rate is only 7%, which proves that finding a free job is possible. Hourly pay ranges from $ 11 CAD to $ 15 CAD for unskilled jobs and on average, a professional in Canada earns an annual salary of $ 65,000 CAD.

Work on your university campus

As long as you advance technical, professional, master’s or postgraduate programs, you can work part-time within the facilities and campus of the university or college. This allows you to reduce your tuition costs or generate earnings for hours worked in the library, cafeteria, or in the internationalization office. You just have to look for the vacancies offered by each university.

Canadian Work Permit

In most cases, when a foreign student begins their higher studies (a career or a postgraduate degree) in Canada, they will have a visa that allows them to work during their free time, without forgetting that the main reason for their visa and their stay in Canada is studying. Currently, the allowed working time is 20 hours a week.

Paid Practices

Many universities and colleges offer international students internships. To find out if the institution offers them, you must make sure that at the end of the program name it specifies a “CO-OP”. Example: Business Administration – International Business Co-Op. Make sure to always target those that are paid.

Post-study Work Permit

Once you finish your program (postgraduate or master’s degree), you can apply for a work permit of a duration equal to that of your study period (maximum of 3 years). That is, if your degree lasts 4 years, the maximum time of post-study work allowed will be 3 years. The idea is to work in a position that develops what you have learned in your college career.

Work Permit For Married People

If you are married or in common union and you want your partner to accompany you during your higher studies (does not apply to language programs) in Canada, you can do it through the same visa application. The partner of those who study can apply for a full-time work permit while the main applicant can only apply for part-time.

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